Thursday, 30 April 2009

Soul Jazz Orchestra This Sat Live In Brum!

Off to London to get the next release mastered and pressed but before I leave thought I'd tell you about the Soul Jazz Orchestra gig this Saturday @ The Hare and Hounds, if your not familiar with them have a gander at this Heres the stolen blurb... "

We can’t wait to welcome this formidable 6 piece to Birmingham this Saturday for the final date of their UK tour. They will arrive from Ottawa, Canada, with their potent blend of Afro-beats, Funk, Latin and Soul, ready to shake the place down… think Fela Kuti, think Antibalas, think Quantic Soul Orchestra, think James Brown, think I can’t miss this!!!

As always the Jibbering DJs will be present and in full effect, dropping a dancefloor shaking selection of vintage and cutting edge beats and treats…

Tickets are only £6 in Advance so get em quick because it will be more on the door."

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

MI 28-04-09 w/ DJ Peaks

DJ Peaks was live on the show last night, back to weekly shows again now too but was still having computer issues so records were grabbed in a hurry and alot of records were forgotten or I couldn't find them in time, promise to fix up for next week! Peaks selections in blue, mine in black.

Enjoy the show

Main Ingredient Radio Show

New Style Radio 98.7FM (West Midlands)

Mon Nights 12 - 2am

28-04-09 Guest: DJ Peaks


Suff Daddy - Nightmare Remix (Promo)
Blaq Poet - Ain't Nuthin Changed (Year Round)
Konny Kon & Cappo - Capkon Ent (Skullsnap)
Slum Village - Climax Kid Sublime Remix (White)
Kenn Starr & Oddisee - This Is Hip-Hop (7Heads)
Y-Society - Scientist (Tres)
Quasimoto - Discipline 99 (Stones Throw)
John Robinson feat Lewis Parker - A Place Called Home (Project Mooncircle)
Dela feat Aloe Blacc & Blu - Work Together
Polyrhythm Addicts feat Pharoahe Monch - Reachin (Babygrande)
Audessey feat Apple Jac - The Gusto (7 Heads)
Shawn Jackson - Feelin Jack (Tres)
Black Milk - Long Short Story (Fatbeats)
Rasco - Situations (Pockets Linted)
Cormega - Take These Jewels (Landspeed)
Jake One feat Elzhi & Royce - Glow (Rhymesayers)
2Tall - Grazing On Empty (Content)
Pete Rock feat Roc Marciano - I'm So G (Nature Sounds)
DJ Spinna - Dayz (Female Fun)
Micall Parknsun - No Frills (Sit Tight)
BJ & Piakhan feat Akil - Queen City (7 Heads)
Quasimoto - Boom Music (Stones Throw)
MSI & Asylum - World Domination (Exclusive)
Jyager feat Verb T & Kyza - Seconds, Hours & Minutes (YNR)
Aaviour & DJ IQ feat Sir Smurf - No Days Off (Saving Grace)
The Smile Rays - A Toast (Jakarta Records)
Donald Byrd - The Emperor DJ Cam Remix (Bluenote)
Nicolay & Kay feat Mic - Stop My Way (Groove Attack)
Jay Dee feat Frank N Dank - Love A Thing Of The Past (Macnasty)
Chopps Derby - Shite Is Real (Gulls Trunk)
Styly Cee & Cappo - Test Match (Son)
Madlib - Track off Dil Cosby LP (Stones Throw)
Asheru feat Kweli - Mood Swings (7 Heads)
Black Milk feat AB - Reppin 4 U (Fat Beats)

Monday, 27 April 2009

Great Q-Tip Interview and bookmark Moovmnt!

I've been checking for a while and it's one of my favourite sites with tons of great music and this great Q-Tip interview with plenty of gems being dropped.

As a bonus here's a great vid courtesy of Consequence with Tip needle dropping, that's whats up! (sorry about the size of the video, no idea how to get rid of the right hand sidebar)

Live radio show tonight, holla on gmail if your posted up tomorrow as usual.

Finally a good use for Auto Tune!

Shouts to Sivey for bringing this to my attention!

Friday, 24 April 2009

Juggaknots Re-Up

Friday treat for you all, the Juggaknots are one of my favourite groups and again a video I didn't even know existed! The tracks taken from the groups dope 2nd album "Use Your Confusion" featuring great guest spots from Wordsworth (kiiiiiiiiilllllls it), Nine (remember him? No froggy frog though, ribbit!), Sadat X, Slick Rick and more, basically go cop that!

Not many people can mess with Breeze, he's a beast on the mic. "Clear Blue Skies" (Fondle Em) is one of the best 90's indy records (reissued with loads of extra goodies as "Re:Release" (Matic) and the "Generally" 12" is more sickness. Prince Paul obviously agrees as he cast Breeze as Tariq on his "Prince Amongst Thieves" album, heres some vinyl treats to look out for on your travels

Crazy 8's Live

I had the pleasure of interviewing them when they were in London for a gig back in 2007 (It only feels like yesterday!) you can listen to it here...

Main Ingredient Playlist 16/07/200798.7FM (West Midlands) for Live Streaming

Mon Nights / Tues Morning 12 - 2am

Jazz Addixx > Todays Lesson (Domination)
Marco Polo > Nostalgia (Soulspasm)
Royce 5'9 > The Best To Do It (White)
Nine:Fifteeen > Keep Trying (Candlewax)
Skyzoo & Torae > Get It Done (Fat Beats)
Duddledge > 9 - 5 (Lowlife)
Polyrhythm Addicts > The Purist (Babygrande)
Grooveman Spot > Time For The Essence (Planetgroove)
Copperpot & KRS One > Come Back Home (EV)
Leisure Allstars feat The Good People > Alot To Say Blackgrass Remix (Leisure)
Phil Most Chill > Until The Cops Shut It Down (World Of Beats)
K Delight > Audio Revolution (Playing Around Records)
Masta Ace > The B Side Soul Condor Remix (Exclusive)

Nas > Good Morning (White)
Cadence feat Yesh > Take The Time (Domination)
Verb T > Jazz Plague (White)
Vinyl Reanimators > The Big Daddy Anthem (Bi-coastal)
Juggaknots > Namesake (Matic)
Juggaknots Interview
Juggaknots > Daddys Little Girl (Matic)
Blackface > Session (Backstage)
Kool Keith > Lovely Lady (Thresh Hold)
King Tee > Bust Dat Ass (Capitol)
K Solo > Letterman Remix (Atlantic)
Black Attack > Verbal Attack (Correct)


No not that Benetton! Great to see the finished video for this and after thinking I wouldn't like the beat, it's actually pretty cool, Kurious is joined by MC Serch and (MF) Doom. Taken from Kurious's forthcoming "II" album out on Amalgam Digital soon, they've got a funny Q&A with Tash from the Alkaholiks too, enjoy.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Tek Interview and S-Type Beats

Tek of Smif-N-Wessun interviewed for We Live This. Talks about the very dope white label "Nothing Move But The Money", the Rawkus situation and more. The beat in the background was produced by S-Type and has now been laced for Teks new album "24kt Smoke", congrats fella

Part 2

Heres the Nothing Move But the Money track, I've got an alternate vocal version that differs from the 2 track white label they released taken from a 4 track Duck Down promo 12" also featuring 2Pac and Mary J (I really didn't think I'd ever mention 2Pac on my blog hahaha) anyone with more info holla!

Louis Den Beat Cypher Highlights

Virus got the better of me hence no updates, slowly getting back on it...
First up DJ IQ's made a nice highlights vid

Here's a short set (ie 3 verses!) from
Ramson Badbones, filmed by DJ Gone who's excellent Sin City mixtape is out now. First beat is from MSI's Ranx who's interview went up with an exclusive track here

beat for Kashmere still kills it for me

Final verse over a Sivey beat

I need to get some of the
MSI live footage up as they killed it, but heres "Animals" to tide you over from the excellent Word Lab compilation

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke and Rusty LIVE in Glasgow

Unfortunately I couldn't be there but AB0181 (he made the Louis Den BCD with Kosyne, if you've still not bought your copy, stop sleeping!) was there to capture some of the action, looks like it was the ishhhhhhhhhhh, at the start of the clip the crowd were going so nuts Hudsons laptop got knocked off...hope it was alright! Have a chilled sunday, new radio show tomorrow and I've got a nice lil music post lined up

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Mulatu Astake + Heliocentrics = Win

Anyone who was lucky to see them at Cargo last year or LA this year will know how great Inspiration Information 3 is (hurry up pressing the vinyl!) to say I'm excited is an understatement, go cop their previous releases too, Out There was possibly my favouite non hip-hop album of '07 (I can't actually think what great hip-hop came out that year, answers on a post card / in the comments section!)

Friday, 17 April 2009

Sam Redmore @ Funkbox TONIGHT

Still mad tired after Louis Den last night, sorry to all the people who couldn't get in...that'll teach you going out so late on a Thursday, anyways a dope night was had by all who managed to get in, shouts to the producers who killed it, DJ IQ, Ranx, Myke Forte and Sivey, and the PA's from Ramson Badbones, Asaviour and Gen and MSI & Asylum and finally Kosyne and Redbeard holding down the hosting. Wish I'd taken pictures now as it was so rammed but busy djing / filming!

For the Brum heads, tonight sees Sam Redmores Funkbox debut @ The Hare and Hounds, link to the facebok event here, info after the tiny flyer...Saturday 18th April

FUNKBOX presents

Sam Redmore (Freestyle / Leftfoot)

Funkbox DJs

The new shining star in the Birmingham leftfield DJ community is Mr Redmore. He finds himself down the Hare and Hounds, armed and ready to rock FUNKBOX, which we are thoroughly excited about. Sam has gone from strength to strength since starting to play in Birmingham, he now has various residencies including the legendary Leftfoot and his own shindig, Freestyle. Come and check out his funky re-edits, mash ups and fine mixing skills on a journey through his funky junk.

Free before 10pm, £3 thereafter

9pm - 2am

The Hare and Hounds (Venue 2)
High Street
Kings Heath
B14 7JZ

Invincible featuring Tiombe Lockhart "Ropes" Video

Dope new video from Invincible featuring Tiombe Lockhart "Ropes" taken from her new album Shapeshifters. One of my favourite female emcees (not that I can think of that many) so uff it one of my favouirte emcees right now. Courtesy of Okay Player.

Peep the intro too, great to see MTV are happy to get behind materialistic hip-hop video's but see this as "problematic" due to the content of the song. The media need to take some sort of responsibility and raise awareness on these issues not bury their heads in bling and false realities (well for me anyway I'll let you know when I get the mansion and a yacht!).

Invincible "Ropes" feat. Tiombe Lockhart

Oh the vid was directed by none other than Mr Complex, who if your not familiar with I suggest you go cop "The Complex Catalog" and "Twisted Mister". Heres a vid for the incredible "Visualize" produced by none other than DJ Spinna...I had no idea there was a vid for this and hard to believe it's 12 years old. Low budget steez but Spinna's record collection looks ILL!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Madvillain Cubeecraft Toy by RBST - Free Download

Dooms done it again and this time alot cheaper than the Kid Robot toy cause it's a free download!

Off to set up for Louis Den, hopefully see you there

Blaaaaad, Suck my Duck MF'er you Ladies Man

DJ MK posted this Adulthood bloody version, blud yesterday on his dope blog and it had me in stiches if you've not already seen it

If you don't like swearing then don't click play on the "short version" of Scarface (and apologies to my mum if your reading this, she's not a big fan of swearing)

as a bonus some more British comedy, but this time suitable for my mum

and this

I'll end the post with one of my favourite UK Hip-Hop videos which you won't have seen on Channel U, shouts to Diversion Tactics and Beyond There, if you want this on wax you can find it tucked away on the B-side of Live from London featuring UK legend Blade

LOUIS DEN BEAT CYPHER TONIGHT PEOPLE, Kosynes been interviewing each of the featured producers over at Louis Den so have a read and download the exclusives and back to some more music related posts once I've stopped laughing

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Hip Hop Connection New Era

No they've not launched a special fitted to celebrate the end of their print run (officially the first and longest running monthly Hip-Hop publication which is quite something). I was sad when I heard that it was the end of the magazine but in this digital age where most people get their info from the internet and most magazines have already closed their doors it's good to see them rise from the ashes today with their first digital issue and a new website, first issue features MI favourites (MF) Doom, Ghost, Dante Ross and Mr.Lif amongst others...


Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A Diamond In The Ruff...

Two posts in a day and with the Jay Large & Nutrageous EP still up for download , I must be feeling generous, and not only that more dope new music! Diamond District consist of Oddisee, X.O. and YU, all hailing from DC and keeping that boom bap sound alive (I presume that's why your on this blog in the first place as anyone that know me knows that as much as I like championing new under appreciated hip-hop, I'm also stuck somewhere in mid 90's New York much to the displeasure of my flatmate, girlfriend or anyone else that has to listen to what I play for extended periods of time). Anyways get your download on, soak up the dope music and be sure to check out Oddisee on tour in a town near you soon as rumour has it he'll be on tour in Europe again (first trip led to the dope collab with Heralds Of Change I played waaaay to much when it was released and still play out now).


00 Intro
01 Streets Wont Let Me Chill
02 Who I Be
03 Back To Basics
04 I Mean Business
05 Get In Line
06 In The Ruff
07 The Shining
08 The District
09 Make It Clear
10 Off The Late Night
11 Let Me Explain
12 First Time

MI 13-04-09 w/ Joel The Custodian FREE DOWNLOAD

Hope you all had a great Easter and didn't overdose on the chocolate, big shout to Drewhuge @ Fatlace for hooking me up with the unreleased Audio 2 Jeep Voices track (peep their dope interview with Milk D here, if you can't find part 2 then you shouldn't be allowed on the internet), just managed to squeeze it in, ran out of time as usual so apologies for the tracks I didn't get to play, may have to go back to weekly shows if I can manage it...

Main Ingredient Radio Show

New Style Radio 98.7FM Mon 12-2am
13/04/2009 w/ Joel The Custodian


Joel was live on the show last night promoting his new free release "My Organs Are Yours" (does that need a pause?) courtesy of Zang Productions you can get part one here or click on the image below. Once you've given it a listen be sure to give leave him some feedback here. Part 2 will be out on June 1st or you can buy a full physical copy now.

Now on with the show...

Uptown - Dope On Plastic (Tommy Boy)
Pharoahe Monch - Desire (Universal)
The Custodians - Mortal (Zang Productions)
Flying Lotus - Camel (Nosaj Thing Remix) (Warp)
The Custodians - Sacred (Zang Productions)
Ugly Heroes - Self Made Pesants (Ugly Heroes)
Grayskul - Heaven Is Still Coming (Rhymesayers)
Indelible MC's - Fire In Which You Burn (Official)
C Rayz-Walz feat MF Doom - Vomit Spit (Super Bro)
Gauge - Insane (Phonosynthetic)
Homecut - I Don't Even Know (First Word)
Goodie Mob - Experience (La Face)
Aloe Blacc - Caged Bird Song(Stones Throw)
The Custodians - Throw In The Towel X (Zang Productions)
The Custodians - Bullet Eater (Zang Productions)
The Roots - Thought @ Work (MCA)
Themselves - It's Them (Anticon)
Grizzly Mortimer - Death Before Death (Zang Productions)
Jay Glaze feat Rod Hotley - Out To Lunch (Chopped Herring)
Audio 2 feat MC Lyte- Jeep Voices (Fat Lace Exclusive)

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Behind Closed Doors and LDBC4

Yeah thats right it's nearly time for Louis Den Beat Cypher 4 (PLEASE NOTE IT'S A NEW VENUE THE SUNFLOWER LOUNGE as Rootys is now shut!!!!) and to make it that little bit more special it's also celebrating the launch of the "Behind Closed Doors Volume 1" DVD/CD combo pack focusing on Hip-hop production. Copies are being sent out and have reached the US, Poland and can see how far they've reached on the tracking map here.

Dudes got his, you got yours yet?

"BCD Aims to take you behind the scenes of some of Britains underground hiphop producers; each issue we'll be bringing you exclusive interviews and features from some of the most talented beat makers and producers in the country. In issue one we have in depth interviews with THE LAST SKEPTIK, S-TYPE, EYEBS and get taken on a diggin trip by West Broms own DARREN PAUL. All this as well as one shot quick fire Q&A sessions and beats from the lab featuring BUDGIE, ED STRONG,FIGARO,JAISU and KELAKOVSKI.

If this still isnt enough each issue comes bundled with an exclusive beat CD featuring brand new material from each of the profiled producers. The DVD/CD combo is limited to an intial pressing of 300; each copy is hand numbered and comes with an onbody printed CD/DVD and chapter insert card. Order now using the "BUY" while stocks last!. "

Info swiped from Kosyne...

Under 18's DMC champ and Jehsts former tour dj, DJ IQ having just dropped his A-LOOP THEORY album he'll have plenty of fresh blaps to play us, he came by on beat cypher 01 with Jehst and was keen to hit us up to showcase his production. RANX DIGGLA from the mighty MSI & ASYLUM is also in the of the resident beatmakers for the legendary brum crew he's hungry to show us his beats; an important member of brums hiphop scene he's been up on the beat cypher from last oct (and was one of the cats I first hollered at when sketching the BCD project)...he's told me Beat Cypher movement got him his fulltime beat making mojo back so lets see.

Also joining the producers are LDBB residents SIVEY, producer for Lowkey, Stylah, Doc Brown, Nino Bless and more! and MYKE FORTE...down with us from the first beat cypher he's been up on the homeworks and many a lab session and has patiently waited for spot since then!!..the wait is over.

On the Mic backed by the talened producers we have ASAVIOUR!, OG YNR head now spearheadding his own label Saving Grace and promoting his current release THE A-LOOP THEORY produced by DJ IQ (see what we did there??). Birmingham legends MSI & ASYLUM, coming thru to show support for the Beat Cypher and their producer RANX are bound to tear the mic apart!, and finally Londons RAMSON BADBONEZ promoting his new Mix CD mixed by Harry Love and London's SALVO promoting his new 7 inch single "The Info" which features KASHMERE and CHESTER P...out on label KING KONG HOLDING COMPANY.

We also got the usual OPEN BEATS round to play your beats out to the sure to sign up early...places are even more limited than ever before now as we have to wrap up a little earlier (we have to kickstart proceedings a lot earlier so dont sleep..arrive late and you may miss out.

ANDDDDD following on from last time the totally pimped out extravagant BUCKS FIZZ BEAT BATTLE which was won by SHEARS, we've got the got head to head with the other battle entrants for EAT GOOD / LOUIS DEN / SAVING GRACE / BEHIND CLOSED DOORS goodies, sign up at

I'll be away over Easter so may not have internet access to update the blog or maybe I'll have OD'd on chocolate, have a good un

Monday, 6 April 2009

Blaq Poet is coming...

Blaq Poets "Blaq Print" could be the release I'm most hyped about at the moment...

Poet and Premo were over at Fabric the other week and MK and Shortee Blitz got em in the studio, check
MK's Blog for plenty more dopeness

Part 1

Part 2

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Nut-Rageous & Jay Large The Red Zone EP FREE EP

Not often I post free downloads up (as they aren't usully legit, not how I get down...go support the artists and buy there music) but I'm happy and sad about this one. Happy cause it's a dope collab between Flushing Queens Emcee Nut-rageous who you should be familiar with from my radio show (don't sleep on his previous releases inc Wat's Poppin with KL RIP and Nuts and Screws 12" with Blaq Poet and Kryon available from the myspaz link) and Glasgows Jay Large. The bad news is it's one of Jay's last projects as he's focusing on his Management Company "On It Management" looking after S-Type and Jaisu although I hear rumours there may still be a project with Prince Po still to come so fingers crossed (yeah that Prince Po). It also features Lord Sear who you may remember from Kurious's 'Walk Like A Duck' or his dope 12" on Fondle Em' and the crazy 'Hello' joint, here he adds his usual humour. Download link after the pics, enjoy!

Friday, 3 April 2009

Nando's Nando's Nando's Chicken, Jammy Waggon Wheels and Brocolli

As a treat for the weekend I'm giving all you basline ravers a treat!

When Chopps Derby isn't busy goin Back To Yer Yard you might find him getting his Powerlap on round your local Matalan Carpark

Never forget that the Shite is Real

You Dont Know What Brocolli Is EP out now
, you can buy it here

Edit: It suddenly hit me a Chopps Derby / Dubbledge collab could be BIG or perhaps I'm just dreaming ;)