Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Behind Closed Doors and LDBC4

Yeah thats right it's nearly time for Louis Den Beat Cypher 4 (PLEASE NOTE IT'S A NEW VENUE THE SUNFLOWER LOUNGE as Rootys is now shut!!!!) and to make it that little bit more special it's also celebrating the launch of the "Behind Closed Doors Volume 1" DVD/CD combo pack focusing on Hip-hop production. Copies are being sent out and have reached the US, Poland and can see how far they've reached on the tracking map here.

Dudes got his, you got yours yet?

"BCD Aims to take you behind the scenes of some of Britains underground hiphop producers; each issue we'll be bringing you exclusive interviews and features from some of the most talented beat makers and producers in the country. In issue one we have in depth interviews with THE LAST SKEPTIK, S-TYPE, EYEBS and get taken on a diggin trip by West Broms own DARREN PAUL. All this as well as one shot quick fire Q&A sessions and beats from the lab featuring BUDGIE, ED STRONG,FIGARO,JAISU and KELAKOVSKI.

If this still isnt enough each issue comes bundled with an exclusive beat CD featuring brand new material from each of the profiled producers. The DVD/CD combo is limited to an intial pressing of 300; each copy is hand numbered and comes with an onbody printed CD/DVD and chapter insert card. Order now using the "BUY" while stocks last!. "

Info swiped from Kosyne...

Under 18's DMC champ and Jehsts former tour dj, DJ IQ having just dropped his A-LOOP THEORY album he'll have plenty of fresh blaps to play us, he came by on beat cypher 01 with Jehst and was keen to hit us up to showcase his production. RANX DIGGLA from the mighty MSI & ASYLUM is also in the of the resident beatmakers for the legendary brum crew he's hungry to show us his beats; an important member of brums hiphop scene he's been up on the beat cypher from last oct (and was one of the cats I first hollered at when sketching the BCD project)...he's told me Beat Cypher movement got him his fulltime beat making mojo back so lets see.

Also joining the producers are LDBB residents SIVEY, producer for Lowkey, Stylah, Doc Brown, Nino Bless and more! and MYKE FORTE...down with us from the first beat cypher he's been up on the homeworks and many a lab session and has patiently waited for spot since then!!..the wait is over.

On the Mic backed by the talened producers we have ASAVIOUR!, OG YNR head now spearheadding his own label Saving Grace and promoting his current release THE A-LOOP THEORY produced by DJ IQ (see what we did there??). Birmingham legends MSI & ASYLUM, coming thru to show support for the Beat Cypher and their producer RANX are bound to tear the mic apart!, and finally Londons RAMSON BADBONEZ promoting his new Mix CD mixed by Harry Love and London's SALVO promoting his new 7 inch single "The Info" which features KASHMERE and CHESTER P...out on label KING KONG HOLDING COMPANY.

We also got the usual OPEN BEATS round to play your beats out to the sure to sign up early...places are even more limited than ever before now as we have to wrap up a little earlier (we have to kickstart proceedings a lot earlier so dont sleep..arrive late and you may miss out.

ANDDDDD following on from last time the totally pimped out extravagant BUCKS FIZZ BEAT BATTLE which was won by SHEARS, we've got the got head to head with the other battle entrants for EAT GOOD / LOUIS DEN / SAVING GRACE / BEHIND CLOSED DOORS goodies, sign up at

I'll be away over Easter so may not have internet access to update the blog or maybe I'll have OD'd on chocolate, have a good un