Tuesday, 22 July 2008

MI Radio 20-07-08 Download, LORD FINESSE Interview, Shop Exclusive and more...

First up sorry for quietness, it's been a hectic couple of weeks, had an amazing time at the Rising Styles Festival, props to everyone who made it a great day, I'll put some pictures up soon.

We've got the new K-Delight & The Voodoo Guru 7" in exclusively for the next 2 months featuring Chrome from Def Tex. If your a regular listener to the radio show you'll have heard this a good few months back but if not it's the 2nd track on this weeks show. You can buy it here, but be quick we've only got limited copies!

Anyone unfamiliar with Lord Finesse's work could have a listen to the following for an idea of how influential he has and is to hip-hop and popular music in general, casual hip-hip listeners will be familiar with the use of his voice on Fat Boy Slim's massive pile of shite "Rockerfell
a Skank", ignore that and check these instead...

unky Technician (Wild Pitch) His incredible debut featuring production from Premo, Diamond D and Showbiz. OG copies have GOLD lettering so don't be fooled if trying to track this down, it's also been officially reissued and bootlegged so be careful!

Of The Funky Man (Giant or 2LP Traffic Reissue) OG US vinyl is promo only so us Europeans had it easier for once! Includes the amazing "Yes You May" featuring Percee P and A.G. (the 12" remix introduced Big L to the world).

The Awakening (Penalty) Includes the classic posse cut "Actual Facts", also "Hip 2 Da Game" Brainstorm feat O.C. & KRS-One etc and all the instrumentals.

rates To The Files (White 2lp or 3LP on Fat Beats) I forgot to ask if he actually put out the original release of this or not, has guest appearances by Page The Hand Grenade and Shelrumble (why new rappers can't think of such great names I don't know) and production from T-Ray, Showbiz and Diamond D.

Rare and Unreleased (Underboss)
CD only unfortunately but still enough exclusives to make it into any Finesse fans collection and includes the original demo to the Message that ended up being used by Dr Dre on 2001.

Funky Dope Manueveur EP (Vinyl Addicts) A recent release but also the oldest courtesy of Germany's Vinyl Addicts (shouts to Maze), an amazing slice of history and a bonus freestyle for good measure. There were only 200 copies of this pressed and it sold out within days so getting a copy now will be tricky and expensive (cheapest copy on Discogs is £119!)

I could go into his 12" releases and production work but it would take up the entire blog so click on this discogs link to find out some more of his work here and here and have some fun discovering his music or listening again, thats what it's all about at the end of the day

Have a great week


Main Ingredient Playlist 21-07-08
Download Here

Tame One feat Sean Price > Haha Da Rah Rah (Amalgam)
K-Delight feat Chrome > The Wildstyle Dream (Playing Around)
Common feat Pharell > Universal Mind Control (G.O.O.D.)
Jazz T feat Kashmere > Abraxus 365 (Boot)
Bumpy Knuckles > How To Rob 2008 (Promo)
Lil Dap > Watch Me Do (Promo)
Dilla Doom Ghost > Murder Goons (Stonesthrow)
New Jack Hu$tle > All City Anthem (All City)
O.C. & A.G. > Put It In The Box (Promo)
East Flatbush Project > A Day In The Life (10/30 Uproar)
Butta Verses > If I Die (Domination Recs)
Shabaam Shadeeq feat Supastition > Survival Sounds (Marvial Ent)

Sir Smurf Lil' > That Sound (YNR)
Invincible > Sledgehammer (Emergence)
Sound Sci > Knock Knock (Exclusive)
Q-Tip > Gettin Up (Universal)
Cenubites feat Bobbito > Hawaii (One Leg Up)
Lord Finesse > Bad Mutha (Wild Pitch)

Exclusive Lord Finesse Interview

Ill Biskits > Let Em Know (Khari)
Lord Finesse feat Grand Puba > Real Talk Remix (Handcuts)
Symbolic 1 feat Big Pooh & Kay > Mash (Giant Step)
Evil Ed feat Microdisiacs > Great Expectations (Janomi)
Elliot Fresh track I can't remember the name of sorry!
Mweslee - Chandal 500 (All City)

C-Lone > Be Careful (Be Careful)

As a bonus I've added this fine video for your viewing pleasure, thanks to Soul Condor for finding it!


Monday, 7 July 2008


I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the greatest Emcees to touch a microphone, nah not Roland Rat but Roots frontman BLACK THOUGHT. I'll be playing the interview in full on tonights show but to tide you over till then heres the latest GTA video with some next level bars ;)