Tuesday, 28 October 2008

MI Playlist & Download 27-10-08

Main Ingredient Playlist 27-10-08
Download Here

Styly Cee & Cappo - Unwritten Rule (Son)
Cold Heat - Why You Wanna Go Do That feat Large Pro Craig G Sean Price (Cold Heat)
Royce Da 5'9 - Shake That (Promo)
Dysfunkshunal Familee - Seperate Ways feat 5ft (Exclusive)
Sadat X - The Okie Doke (Cult 45)
Ghost, Verb T & Kashmere - Invisible (Pro 1 Music)
LMNO & Kev Brown - The Cause (Up Above)
Black Milk - The Matrix (Fat Beats)
Butta Verses - Rock Mics feat Joell Ortiz (Domination)
Evil Ed & Conspicuous - Time After Time feat Cobane, Shameless & Sir Smurf Lil' (OEM)
Ill Bill - Society Is Brainwashed (Uncle Howie)
P Brothers - Outta Control feat Roc Marciano (Heavy Bronx)
Heltah Skeltah - The Art of Disrespekinization (Duck Down)
Illa J - R U Listening feat Guilty Simpson (Delicious Vinyl)
Brass Tacks - Hidden Insight (Star Point Tactics)
Saigon - WW4 feat Lil Fame
D.I.T.C. - Hard Hit feat Boss Money (DITC)
NYGz - Legendary Pt1 feat Blaq Poet (Year Round)
Kyza - Crush (White)
Serocee - You'll Never Find (Crate Escape)
2Tall - The Most High feat Kashmere (Content)
Flying Lotus - Lightworks Remix (White)
Mike Slott - Deux Three (All City)
Reks - Say Goodnight (Show Off)
Zimbabwe Legit - Wake Em Up Cadence Remix feat Vast Aire & Chubb Rock (Dominatioin)
People Under The Stairs - Step Bacc DJ Day Remix
The Herbaliser - Can't Help This Feeling Heliocentrics Remix (K7!)

Cappo & Styly Cee live on the next show launching their new EP "The H Bomb", Jibbering still have a few advance copies left if you want to grab one ahead of release be quick and go here.

Jelly Jazz are Funkbox's special Halloween guests this Friday at the Yard Bird, could get messy, more info here

The Black Seeds are performing at Jibbering Live this Saturday @ The Hare and Hounds, Robin and Damon from Jam Jah will be doing the support along with Jibbering Jon and myself with a special emcee guest it's going to be one of the best gigs this year! If you're on Facebook, clicky here to confirm attendance

Crate002 is also nearly ready to be unleashed on the world...launch party in December and more details to follow, if you want to get the heads up early to grab a copy send an email to crateescaperecords@gmail.com and I'll add you to the mailing list

Mr Thing has also said it's alright to put up part of his set from his last gig for us so keep checking back, just downloads Mondays radio show first!

Finally got round to updating my Top 20 too so peep that to the right, then I step to the left....

Have a great week


Friday, 17 October 2008

Digital B-Boy, Buy the Album, Fat Chicks and a Trigger

Weekends nearly here so as a treat here's the new video for the P Brothers recent promo single featuring Milano, Digital B-Boy, taken from the Gas which is out now on CD (as soon as vinyl is available I'll let you know!) You can order it here, shits fire, don't sleep!

I was alerted to a very good blog by The Purist, http://apyrexscholar.blogspot.com/ plenty of ill stuff to get your teeth into and as a bonus click on the picture to download his Japan only CD of Rare female Soul vocals "No Fat Chicks", perfect for your weekend listening! He's got a myspace too if yuo want to add him http://www.myspace.com/decemberfirstmusic

If you are looking for something to do tonight, we've got Muz (Munchbreak / Jibbering) playing for Funkbox at the Yardbird 8 - 2am, Paradise Place. Tomorrow Funkbox will be playing in the Heated Garden at the Rainbow Warehouse for Trigger too 10pm - 5am

have a great weekend


Monday, 13 October 2008

Beat Cypher Teaser, YNR Instore, Mr Thing and more

Jehst, Sir Smurf, Micall Parknsun, Jayger and IQ did a sterling set in the shop last week, with Sonny jumping in for a freestyle...

If you missed the first LOUIS DEN BEAT CYPHER, DAMN you really did miss out, while the rest of the footage is being collated heres a little teaser video Kosyne put together. I'll also be playing highlights on a forthcoming show (not sure which as it's still got to be converted etc). Enjoy the footage, my personal highlights were Mr Dick's sample flip (they all got sent a sample of my choice a week before hand) and pretty much everything Kelakovski played, props to everyone involved and all the people who brought out their own beats for me to spin, not seen a night like it! Pics to follow

Mr Thing ripped it up at Funkbox as expected, heres a pic and I'll add some audio soon as he's said it's cool to put some of his set up for your downloading pleasure, all vinyl and not a laptop in sight...

Thanks to Aine, Ruth, Emma, Percy, Lisa (Happy Birthday!), Robard, Specky, Ace Bentura, Hayley, Matt, Pritt, Mr FX, Paul, Carys and everyone else who came out and the winners of the DJ Format raffle. We've got Muz playing for us on Friday at the Yardbird and are playing at Trigger on Saturday in the Heated garden.

Also Asaviour and IQ's A-Loop Theory is nearly upon us as a teaser heres a lil promo mix they did



1) Intro
2) Asaviour - Gully - feat Apatight
3) Asaviour & DJ IQ - Gatheround feat Jehst
4) TI - Swagger Like Us -feat Kanye West, Jay Z & Lil Wanye
5) Asaviour & DJ IQ - Beefy
6) Benga - 26 basslines
7) Skream - Rutten
8) Hal 1200 - Hustle & Hope REMIX - feat Asaviour, Pride, Kyza & TB
9) Teriyaki Boyz - Zock on - feat Pharrell & Busta Rhymes
10) Flying lotus - Roberta Flack (Ahu) - feat. Dolly
11) De Javaanse Jongens - On You
12) Carlos Nino (white label)
13) Daru & Rena - Excuse (Inst)

Mixed by Hal 1200 & Dj IQ
Hosted by Asaviour

Have a great week


Wednesday, 1 October 2008

YNR Instore, Louis Den Beat Cypher, Serocee on Tour with Roots Manuva and more...

This Thursday is going to be a busy one, kicking off with a YNR Instore promoting Sir Smurf Lil's new album "A New Bloodline" which is out very soon. Performances from Smurf, Jehst, Micall Parknsun and DJ IQ.

If you've not seen them before, it's not to be missed with all of them having released top quality (and in some cases classic imo) albums, ep's, 12"s & 7"s in no particular order you should check
Jehst's High Plains Drifter EP, Falling Down, Alcoholic Author, Nuke Proof Suit and Keep It Live
Parky's Working Class Dad, Tha Sh!t and Hungry
Sir Smurf's My Alpha and
DJ IQ's Live From the Sofa and 9 To Five / 8 bars of Fire Pt.2
Get hunting (or maybe a few will be available at the gig)

The first Louis Den Beat Cypher is after the instore, so get yourself down to Rooty Frooty as it's going to be a unique experience not to be missed with 4 incredible producers Jehst, Soweto Kinch, Kelakovski and Mr Dick...swiped from Kos

The online beat community Louis Den Beat Battles (louisden.com) takes to the stage with the first outing of its "Beat Cypher" night; the aim of "Louis Den Beat Cypher" is to showcase the production element of hip-hop in a live setting, the main focus will be on the 4 profiled producers of the night as well as live PA's from artists.

The aim is to mix more established talent with those making noise in the underground and centre it around a production setting, all beats from the evening will be played out live from some or all of the hardware used to create it allowing the producers to make all manner of live changes to their beats as they are being played; the artists PA's are also over these beats meaning we'll be connecting them with producers they may not necessarily have worked with before making a unique never to be repeated again performance of their tracks.

The night will feature a set of showcase rounds from each producer having their beats played out live; all of which is up to the producer; you'll hear a mix of blaps from their catalogue ranging from fresh beats to existing tracks to never before heard bangers from their vault!. They'll also be taking part in preset challenges to deliver a beat made to certain specifications (samples / themes...similar to the online louis den beat battles format); here we'll hear their take on flipping a sample or following a particular theme.

Finally to stitch it all together the Louis Den Cypher DJ will be providing the soundtrack inbetween the beat rounds and PA's playing a mix of hip-hop, instrumentals and original breaks for you beat heads to try and place!, our DJ will also be playing a selection of submitted beats from the crowd!! producers in the crowd are encouraged to bring a short beat reel or 1 or 2 full lengh beats to get played over the system!.

If you are able to make it down to the night please do so! as we're keen to make a success of it and continue bringing you more as time goes by! (end of Thievery!)

I'm playing in Kidderminster on Friday for Our Corner
with the one and only Billy Chill Fingers, free in too.

Saturday is the welcome return of Mr Thing to Funkbox for our first gig at our new venue of The Hare and Hounds it was only right to get him back to Birmingham to rock the floor after an amazing gig for us last year, FUNKBOX looks forward to one of the worlds best Hip-Hop producers and DJ's digging deep for us once again. Yet again we have managed to secure Mr Thing to use a vinyl only selection non of this laptop business!!! With a small venue (capacity 140) advance tickets would be strongly advised!!

£4 advance tickets / MOTD.

8.30pm - 2am

The Hare and Hounds (Venue 2)
High Street
Kings Heath
B14 7JZ

JIBBERING (MOSELEY) 0121 449 4551

Evil Ed & Conspicuous new album "The Get Together" is out now so go cop that! Loads of great tracks and some quality guests, cd and download only unfortunately, but go support that good music!

Finally Serocee is on tour with Roots Manuva this week, you can catch him on the following dates and maybe a few more...
Weds 8th Oct Liquid Room Edinburgh
Thurs 9th Oct The Arches Glasgow

Finally (yeah I know long post) Cappo and Styly Cee have decided to postpone coming on the show this monday as the release date has been put back, no biggie so the date for your diaries is now Monday 10th November.