Friday, 17 October 2008

Digital B-Boy, Buy the Album, Fat Chicks and a Trigger

Weekends nearly here so as a treat here's the new video for the P Brothers recent promo single featuring Milano, Digital B-Boy, taken from the Gas which is out now on CD (as soon as vinyl is available I'll let you know!) You can order it here, shits fire, don't sleep!

I was alerted to a very good blog by The Purist, plenty of ill stuff to get your teeth into and as a bonus click on the picture to download his Japan only CD of Rare female Soul vocals "No Fat Chicks", perfect for your weekend listening! He's got a myspace too if yuo want to add him

If you are looking for something to do tonight, we've got Muz (Munchbreak / Jibbering) playing for Funkbox at the Yardbird 8 - 2am, Paradise Place. Tomorrow Funkbox will be playing in the Heated Garden at the Rainbow Warehouse for Trigger too 10pm - 5am

have a great weekend