Friday, 30 November 2007

Tomorrow we're 7!

Yep thats right 7!

Continuing a Jibbering tradition we are holding a Birthday Sale in the shop on Saturday 1st December. This is our little way to say thank you to all of our loyal customers and supporters who have helped us over the years.

All music purchases will have a 10% reduction. There will also be a few free drinks and festive treats!

So pop in and whip up those little gems that you have trying to ignore for the past few weeks or come and get some Christmas shopping out the way before the city turns into a rugby scrum!

I take it that by now you are all aware of our Big Birthday Party at the Hare and Hounds also on Sat 1st Dec.

I advise that you sort some tickets out in advance cuz they are cheaper and it should be really busy!!

Follow this link for tickets or get them from the shop!!

As a bonus heres some great footage of Stevie Wonder, thanks to Hawkeye for the link

Thursday, 29 November 2007

MI Download, Gigs and things...

A big thank you to everyone who downloaded last weeks show, had the most visitors and downloads so hope you enjoyed listening to the show, I've not had a chance to find out how Arkaic and Eurgh did yet, but I'll let you know as soon as I do.

I finally got hold of some pictures from the Apples gig, thanks to Pie for the great shots...

Secret squirrel in full effect (ie no playlist this week as the pc was down when I recorded the show), if you're interested in any tracks in particular then ask and I'll do my best to work out what it was for you. Thanks to Reggiimental for guesting on the show, heres the links

Part 1
Part 2

Two gigs this Saturday -

Jibbering 7th Birthday @ Hare & Hounds

Lefties Soul Connection @ The Yardbird

Chris Read Diary album launch on next weeks show

A few other things worth checking out are a great Showbiz interview at Unkut, Ryan Proctors started a blog, and if you haven't got it yet, make sure you grab the Dillagence download from

Have a great week / weekend


Tuesday, 20 November 2007

MI 19-11-07 Playlist & Download, Top 20 etc

Thanks to Pneumatic, Arkaic and Eurgh for guesting on the show last night, Gremlins (see left, everyone else does Christmas earlier each year so why can't I?) meant the wrong show was played so heres the shows first airing! Below is the sharebee links for your download pleasure, short playlist due to the CRAZY freestyle (all the beats I played were unprompted in case you were wondering), if you thought freestyling was limited to mum jokes and "random" objects in pockets then you don't listen to the show enough! If they win the Jump Off thing best of luck to them in New York. Christmas Cypher show is set for Monday 17th Dec so get in touch if your interested.

The Apples & Tufkut both rocked the Yardbird last week for Funkbox, thanks to everyone who came out.

Daily Diggers
excellent blogspots got some great tips for vinyl restoration so peep it here. I'd like to say it's also far less damaging to your health!

Here's the latest Louis Den Beat Battle new homework up on the myspace.
Louis Den Beat Battles Episode 10 Video Game Samples

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Next week Shady Residents live in the studio.

have a great week


Main Ingredient Pla
ylist 19/11/2007
98.7FM (West Midlands)

Mon Nights / Tues Morning 12 - 2am


Main Ingredient 19 11 07 Pneumatic Eurgh Arkaic pt1.mp3

Main Ingredient 19 11 07 Eurgh Arkaic pt2.mp3

Paul White > Dragon Fly (One Handed Music)
Chain Of Command > Truss (Merciless) Pneumatic & Sloth > (Headcount)
Illustrate > My Hat (Headcount Exclusive)
Mr Grieves > The General (Exclusive)
Pnematic & Sloth > The Morning Star (Headcount)
Eurgh & Arkaic Freestyle
The Saint feat Cadence > Wisdom Over Weapons (Jakarta)

Top 20

DJ Spinna > Dilla Was The GOAT (Cult 45's)
Paul White > Dragon Fly (One Handed Music)
Marco Polo > The Radar Remix (Rawkus) Y Society > Off & On (Tres)
Buff1 > Supreme (A Side)
The Heliocentrics > Out There (Now Again)
Guilty Simpson > Mans World (White)
Ill Boogs > Funky Ghost Town (Breakin' Bread)
Polyrhythm Addicts > Break Glass (Babygrande)
DJ IQ > Live FromThe Sofa (Mancan)
Various Now & Again Re:Sounds 7" Boxset(Now Again)
G Frequency feat Tableek - Eggs N Cheese (All City)
Keno 1 & The Hermit > Poppa Heavy (White)
Nine:Fifteen > Keep Trying (Candlewax Records)
English - Attack Of The Killer Loops (Left Turn / DAT Sound)
Big Daddy Kane & Percee P vs Connie Price & The Keystones (Scion)

Wio-k EP (Netgroove)
Geo & Ricochet > A Lil' Sum Em Sum 'Em EP (Freestyle Professors)
Phat Kat > Cold Steel (Look)
Pharoahe Monch > Desire (SRC)

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Another "Classic" show, LDBB, Funkbox and more...

I've had to give you another classic show as the studio still isn't working, I'm not sure if I can actually call it classic as it's from this year (19-02-07) but it's the most fun I'd had in ages with Leicesters very own Bomb Squad, Ed209 in the building and self described "Shiny Metal Man", Chrome from Def Tex. Some of the chat was bananas, some very dope records were played and we got Chrome to do some live rhyming, I'll have a hunt for the playlist if anyone actually wants to know what was played (ask in the rarely used comment section below!) To be extra nice I'm using sharebee so rapidshare, zshare etc are all covered...

Part 1
Part 2

Next up I'll be using some of the Louies Den Beat Battle beats, any one who wants to get involved check the myspaz for the lowdown, homework 10 is up so get making some beats. I'm going to use a selection of the beats as music beds before they get turned into finished tracks. Seriously theres some incredible beats being made! This video's the flipping kids tv themes...

Louis Den Beat Battles The Real Episode 8

Starting on Wednesday 14th November from 8pm – Late FUNKBOX present all the way from Israel…

Image Hosted by

LIVE at The Yardbird, Paradise Place, Birmingham B3 3HJ
£6 entry… plus FUNKBOX DJs

Image Hosted by

On Friday 16th November FUNKBOX returns with…Tufkut...One time resident of Breakin’ Bread and Hip-Hop production maestro TufKut travels up from the big smoke to show off his extensive knowledge of breaks and beats from deep in his crates.

Image Hosted by

Again at The Yardbird, Paradise Place, Birmingham B3 3HJ, £2 entry. I wish I had been able to do the show on Monday as I had a few of his tracks ready to hand, he makes hip-hop how it's supposed to sound, full of dope samples and heavy drums, I think he probably introduced me to some devil worshiper by the name of Kashmere too...

Image Hosted by

Phill Most Chill has one of the best blogs on the net and a record collection that makes even the most hardened digger salivate. Recently he's done some posts on the mysterious Baritone Tiplove a few of you might be aware of. Heres the direct link for those too lazy to look at my links bar on the right (they're all dope links by the way, don't front!)

Next week Pneumatic & Sloth live in the studio and feel free to leave a comment. Be sure to check back too as I should be posting again tomorrow with another show.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Classic Show and Ish I'm Feeling...

I couldn't do the show last night due to the studio being broken, I'm assured it'll be up and running for next weeks show with Kaydee, but rather than leave you with nowt I thought I'd have a rumage through the vaults and post up the show with Master Ace, Wordsworth and DJ A.Vee, I can't quite believe it's nearly 2 1/2 years ago! Anyway we talked about music, ugly trainers and I even got them to do some freestyling. It's onlt on zshare as rapidshare was hating for some reason...

23-05-05 Master Ace & Wordsworth Part 1
23-05-05 Master Ace & Wordsworth Part 2

Gigbeth was good fun, props to Jonny Damaj, HLI and Chrome for his impromptu performance during my set, which reminds me one of the things I'm feeling at the moment is the Def Tex album "Thanks But No Thanks" (Son Records) unfortunately it's only on CD and download but there is a 4 track album sampler pressed up on one of those black grooved 12" things.

Next thing I'm feeling is the new Y Society 12" "Never Off" (Tres), if this is anything to go by then the album "Travel At Your Own Pace" is going to be off the meat rack and you'll need it almost as much as a box of hot wings. Damu the Fudgemunk (one half of the group along with Insight) also has some sick video's on youtube if you wanna check out how he gets down on his MPC, I'm almost prepared to let him off his silly name (unless his surname is actually Fudgemunkson in which case it's alright!) he's that good...heres some sneak peak beats

Next on my list of dopeness is Kidkanevil, I'm enjoying his "Problems and Solutions" (First Word) album more and more with each listen and the clever people at the label give you the album as a free download if you buy the wax, hows that for nice! He also puts on a great live show with various changing live personel.

The final bit of music to tell you about I was really looking forward to playing last night, The Saint (one half of NYC's The Good People) featuring Nyoil and Cadence on a dinked 7" on Jakarta. It's limited to buy it on sight, you'll be glad you did!

The Jibbering website has also had a revamp so check that if you get a chance.

Hate mail / comments to the usual address

Have a great week