Thursday, 27 September 2007

24-09-07 Playlist and Download

slightly later playlist and download this week, thanks to Jesper and Ras for the great unreleased Evil Twins track, theres more unreleased tracks on Jespers blog (link in the tracklist and on the right of my blog). George did a sterling set on Friday, a big thank you to him. Feel free to leave a comment /put requests in for next weeks show at the bottom

Enjoy the show


Main Ingredient Playlist 24/09/200798.7FM (West Midlands) for Live Streaming for downloads
Mon Nights / Tues Morning 12 - 2amÂ

Part 1
Master Ace > Go Where I Send Thee (Cold Chillin)
MF Grimm > Earth (Class A)
Freestyle Professors > Testify (Exclusive)
The UN > Snow (Exclusive)
Ghostface & Theodore Unit > Amsterdam (J-Love)
Stig Of The Dump & RA The Rugged Man > Brain Dead Jehst Remix (Beer & Rap)
Skyzoo & Torae > Click (fat Beats)
Verb T & The Last Skeptik feat Kashmere > Fire Reigns (Silent Soundz)
Y Society > Never Off (Tres)
Shape Of Broad Minds > They Don't Know (Lex)
Biz Markie > Non Stop Rockin (Cold Chillin)
Braveheatrs > Bravehearted (Columbia)
G&D feat MED > G&D (Look)
Jehst > Organ Stabs (YNR)

Part 2
Kool G Rap & Nas > Fast Life Norfside Remix (Epic)
Kurious > Uptown Hit (Columbia)
Eric Lau & Guilty Simpson > For The D (Fat City)
Memory Man > The Kool Keith Show (Chopped Herring)
Flavour Unit MC's > Roll With The Flavour Daily Diggers Remix (Exclusive)
School Of Hard Knocks > Dirty Cop Namd Harry (Wild Pitch)
Metabeats > F@ck Wit Me (Associated Minds)
Natural Self > Lament Kid Kanevil remix (Breakin Bread)
John Robinson & IG Culture > The Wave (Far Out)
Finsta > So Much On My Mind (Pandemonium)
Mobb Deep > Hell On Earth (Loud)
Evil Twins & Ras Beats > See No Evil (Get It Here!)
Nice & Smooth > Run It Down The Line (RAL)

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

MI Playlist 17/09/07 IRS Interview and FREE Download

Drop Beats Not Bombs was crazy at the weekend, props to everyone who performed, dj'ed and came out to party. Shout to Ed Strong for the interview on last nights show, make sure you pick up the The IRS debut album "The World Is Theirs" is OUT NOW on Merciless records!

Kurious amazing debut (and unfortunately only album so far) gets reissued today courtesy of I should be interviewing the man very soon so look out for that. Amalgam are also offering my radio show as a podcast (in the podcast section funnily enough) and I think I'm the only non US dj on there!
Friday is Funkbox @ Yardbird, we've got George Mahood as guest who you should know from running Big Daddy and Grand Slam Magazines and now the excellent Concourse Records. Mans got serious records so pop down and have a dance.
The new Big Smoke Magazine is also out and I'll be giving away some copies on next weeks show.

Have a good un

Main Ingredient Playlist 17/09/2007
98.7FM (West Midlands) for Live Streaming for downloads
Mon Nights / Tues Morning 12 - 2am

Part 1
Jehst feat Konny Kon, Micall Parknsun & Asaviour > Organ Stabs (YNR)
Y-Society > Never Off (Tres)
W-iok > We Nah Easy (Netgroove)
Dubbledge feat Skrien > Ego Trip (Low Life)
John Robinson & IG Culture > The Wave (Far Out)
The IRS > The Big Day In (Merciless)
The IRS Interview
The IRS > Wanna Act (Merciless)
Verb T & The Last Skeptik feat Kashmere > Fire Reigns (Silent Soundz)
The UN > Snow (Exclusive)
Mobb Deep > Peer Pressure (4th & Broadway)
Kurious feat Mike G & Sadat X > Mansion & A Yacht (Amalgam Digital)
Rob O > Mention (Me Sound Of Dissent)

Part 2
Guilty Simpson > Mans World (White)
Ghostface > The Champ Demo Mix (Starks Ent)
Souls Of Mischief > Good Feeling (Jive)
Ill Biskits > Chill Factor (Atlantic)
Big Shug > Play It (Babygrande)
Dutchmassive feat Median & Von Pea > Better Man (Domination)
MF Grimm > Earth (Class A Records)
Pharoahe Monch > Behind Closed Doors Chrome Remix (Exclusive)
P Brothers feat Cappo > The Illest (Heavy Bronx)
Royal Flush > Iced Down Medalions (Blunt)
Gangstarr > The ? Remains (Chrysalis)
Ultramagnetic MC's > Raise It Up (Wild Pitch)
Memory Man feat Kool Keith > The Kool Keith Show (Chopped Herring)
Metabeats > Pump This (Associated Minds)
Theory Hazit > Hello Kiddeez (OM)

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

MI Playlist 10/0/07 w DJ IQ, Asaviour & Script Live

Thanks to DJ IQ and Asaviour for their great guest mix (Live from The Sofa out now!) and Script for coming on Mondays show. This Fridays Drop Beats at the Que Club. On next weeks show I'll be interviewing The IRS. Feel free to leave requests in the comments section for next weeks show.


Main Ingredient Playlist 10/09/2007

98.7FM (West Midlands) for Live Streaming for downloads
Mon Nights / Tues Morning 12 - 2am

Part 1

Chester P > Chessmonster (Rawdog)
Freesyle Professors > Testify (Exclusive)
Verb T & Last Skeptik > No More feat Ed OG (Silent Soundz)
The IRS > Wanna Act (Merciless)
Maspyke > Far East Politics (Bukerance)
Raekwon > Rainy Dayz Diamond D Remix (Loud)

DJ IQ Guest Mix

THE UN – SNOW *** Exclusive

Part 2

DJ IQ Guest Mix Continued...
VERB T Featuring SKREIN – HOUR GLASS *** Exclusive

TRANQILL – ON MY OWN *** Exclusive

Forbidden Tongues > Overstand (Forbidden Tongues)
Mr Complex > Visualize Beyond There Remix (Fat Beats)
Special Teamz > Long Time Coming (Duck Down)
Scientifik > Bitch I Don't Need Ya (Traffic)
Ill Biskits > 22 Years (Khari)
Script Interview & Freestyle
Dutchmassive feat Median & Von Pea > Betterman (Domination)
Surreal Knowledge > Exclusive (Surreal Knowledge)

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

MI Playlist 03-09-07 w/ HLI Live

If you were checking your spam boxes last week for playlists and a show to download, there wasn't one! Shambala got the better of me. This week HLI guested and are playing at Scratch Club tonight @ The Yardbird. Robin (Jam Jah) and Roy (Funkbox) are playing at the Jibbering Session this Wednesday too. Next weeks show I've got a super exclusive mix from DJ IQ who's incredible "Live From The Sofa" is out now with a limited clear vinyl 7" to follow shortly and I'll have Script live in the studio. Enjoy the show!

Have a good week


Main Ingredient Playlist 03/09/2007
98.7FM (West Midlands) for Live Streaming for downloads
Mon Nights / Tues Morning 12 - 2am

Part 1
MSI & Asylum > Hang Em High (Gran Cru)
Jehst feat Konny Kon, Asaviour & Micall Parknsun > Organ Stabs (YNR)
Big Shug > Play It (Babygrande)
Pharoahe Monch > Behind Closed Doors Chrome Remix (Exclusive)
Ill Boogs > The Grump (Breakin' Bread)
HLI > Who Is There (Exclusive)
Dubbledge feat Skrein > Ego Trip (Lowlife)
Rob O > Mention Me (Sound Of Dissent)
Kurious > I'm Kurious (Amalgam Digital)
Gamma > Slang Teacher (Big Dada)
Cappo feat Scorz-zay-zee > Speak (Zebra Traffic)
Bootcamp > And So... (Bootcamp)
Ill Biskits > A Better Day (Khari Ent)

Part 2
Guilty Simpson > Mans World (White)
Crate Crusader & Sensei C > Feeling & Knowledge (Exclusive)
Drongomala feat. BLS, Brother Ghazi & The What Supreme > Break from This Prison (Flying Mountain)
Aesop Rock > Coffee (Def Jux)
AZ > I Am The Truth Memphis Remix
HLI Freestyle
DJ IQ > 8 Bars Of Fire (Mancan)
Dizzy Rascal > Pussyole BIP Remix (Exclusive)