Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Xmas Cypher Show, Gigs and things...

Cypher show last night so no real playlist, I've written one anyway and thanks to all the emcees who made it, repeat shows next week and on New Years day cause I'm DJ'ing at the Yardbird with the rest of Funkbox and the Foundation Collective, details here. The station have promised to play the show with Pneumatic, Arkaic and Eurgh that they couldn't find?!? from a few weeks back. I'll be back in the New Year with a best of 2007 show. Natural Self is playing for us at the Yardbird on Friday for Funkbox last few have been rammed so try and get down early.

Fatlace have posted some great stuff recently including interviews with Greg Nice and Tuff City's Aaron Fuchs. Robbies continued his sterling work at Unkut with interviews with Show(biz), NYG'z, Percee P and some nice posts about Royal Flush who the majority of you won't be remotely interested in but I think is very slept on, in fact I'm going to Ice Down some Medallions now. A great festive mix is available for free download from Beat Street here. What else is the internet good for?

have a great Christmas and New Year


Main Ingredient Playlist 17/12/2007
98.7FM (West Midlands)
www.newstyleradio.co.uk for Live Streaming
www.mainingredientradio.blogspot.com for downloads
Mon Nights / Tues Morning 12 - 2am

Xmas Cypher Show

Xmas Hard Call > My Christmas Balls (Stones Throw)
P Brothers & Boss Money > New Religion (Heavy Bronx Exclusive)
Looooooooooong Freestyle
Biz Markie & Big Daddy Kane > XXXmas Live

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

MI Download & Playlist 10-12-07

Sorry for the delay in posting up this weeks show, lots of label stuff going on behind the scenes which you'll hear about soon enough and I'll put the Lefties Soul Connection interview up soon too. Next Friday Natural Self will be joining us for a Funkbox Christmas special (think it's his first time playing in Brum too). Mondays show is the annual Xmas cypher then it'll be two older shows being played as I'll be away on Xmas day and DJing on NYE so I'll do a round up of the year show first week back.

The New Night Times is also out now and free so be on the lookout as I've written some more reviews, not that I'm a strong writer just records I'm feeling!

Have a great weekend


Main Ingredient Playlist 10/12/2007
98.7FM (West Midlands)
www.newstyleradio.co.uk for Live Streaming
www.mainingredientradio.blogspot.com for downloads
Mon Nights / Tues Morning 12 - 2am

Part 1 http://sharebee.com/da2073cf
Alicia Keys, Nas & Rakim > New York ED209 Remix (Exclusive)
Supastition > Worst Enemy (Reform School Music)
Sputnik Brown > The Brownout (High Water Music)
Statik Selektah > Stop Look and Listen (Brick)
Baritone Tiplove > Third Story (Exclusive)
Marco Polo > The Radar Remix (Soulspasm)
Mr Fresh feat Chrome > Travel Fox (Exclusive)
El Da Sensai > Get It In (Promo)
Chain Of ommand > Not In My Name (Merciless)
Nas feat Jay-z > Black Republicans Def Jam)
The Saint feat NYOIL > All Love (Jakarta)
Cormega feat Tragedy > Ryder Musik
NYG'z > Your Dayz R 'd (Year Round)

Part 2 http://sharebee.com/e5ed62da
Showbiz & AG > Diggin In The Crates (Showbiz Records)
Powerule > Dawn To Dusk (Hydra)
J-Live > Once Upon A Mic (BBE)
El Chavo > Selektah (Jakarta)
DJ IQ > 8 Bars Of Fire (Mancan)
DJ H > Hip-hopper From Birth (Test Press)
Styles P feat Black Thought > Cause I'm Black
Dream Warriors & Gangstarr > I Lost My Ignorance (Cooltempo)
Maestro > Death Ministry (Maestro)
Freestyle Professors > Testify (Exclusive)
Homeliss Derilixs > Critical Meltdown (Malvado)
Natural Self > The Love Theme (Breakin Bread)
Express Rising > Inclines (Memphix)
AZ > Your World Don't Stop Vinyl Reanimators Remix (White)

New Louis Den Beat Battle, this time Illmatic remakes, more of an exercise than competition this time round, go to http://www.myspace.com/louisdenbeatbattles for homework sign up...
Louis Den Beat Battes 12 - Illmatic Remakes

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Friday, 7 December 2007

MI Download 03-12-07, Chris Read's Diary & Some Pics

I played two segments from Chris Read's Diary Mix on Mondays show, make sure you head over to Musicofsubstance to get a free download of the full mix and plenty of other dopeness (Early Marley Marl and Westwood shows anyone?) Free cd's should also be available in selected shops very soon. Heres Mondays show, happy listening...

Main Ingredient Playlist 03/12/2007
98.7FM (West Midlands)
www.newstyleradio.co.uk for Live Streaming
www.mainingredientradio.blogspot.com for downloads
Mon Nights / Tues Morning 12 - 2am

Part 1
Show & AG > Running Man
Statik Selektah > Did What We Had To Do (Show Off)
Sound Sci & Jonny Cuba > Knock Knock (Exclusive)
Guru feat Slum Village > Cuz I'm Jazzy (7 Grand)
Chain Of Command > Rogue State (Merciless)
Baritone Tiplove > When I Drop It (That Real Schitt!)
Ghost > It's All Love (Breakin Bread)
Sputnik Brown > U Havin Fun Yet? (High Water Music)
Chris Read > The Diary 90 Megamix (Substance)
Chris Read > The Diary 98 Megamix (Substance)
Zimbabwe Legit feat Vast Aire & Chubb Rock > Wake Em Up (pH Music)
Nas > Surviving The Times (Def Jam)
The Saint feat Cadence> Wisdom Over Weapons (Jakarta)
Verb T feat Kashmere > Rise and Shine (Thomas)
Mr Complex feat Pharoahe Monch > Scream Remix (Oriental Source)

Part 2
Ghostface > Barrel Brothers (Def Jam)
Shabazz The Disciple > Death Be The Penalty (Penalty)
Raw Breed > Rabbit Stew Godfather Don Remix (Continuum)
Artifacts > Art Of Facts Vinyl Reanimators Remix (White)
Redman > I Can't Wait Remix (White)
Smif-N-Wessun > All About The Cash (White)
Cella Dwellas > Ill Colabo (SRC)
J-Live > Sheisty (White)
The UN > Long Time Coming (White)
Large Professor feat Nas > One On One (White)
Saukrates feat Common > Play Dis (Capitol Hill)
Dabrye > Game Over Flying Lotus Remix (???)
Braille > Survival Movements Maze Remix (Exclusive)
Sir Beans OBE feat Chrome > Miles From Home (Ruztik)
Ultramagnetic MC's > Poppa Large Daily Diggers Remix (Daily Diggers)
Cormega > Sleep Well

I got to ask him a few questions about the mix...

How long have you been djing for and what was the inspiration to start?

I've been playing for about 15 years now altogether. There was no particular thing that urged me to start really apart from having a growing record collection and a need to get involved in the music somehow. A kid I was at school with had some turntables for sale so that was that!

Whats been your favourite Substance moment?

It would probably have to be one of the Substance birthday events. We've had some great guests over the years but the most memorable thing for me personally is the improvised stuff we did with the musicians. There was one event when Fingathing (Sneaky and Peter Parker from the Rae and Christian live band) were playing. We had the Mad Flow and Substance band down and our percussionist invited down the horn section from another band he was in. There were about 12 people on stage - all improvising and by some miracle it all just worked really well - me and two other DJs and a bunch of musicians just making it up and people really appreciating it!

What are you most proud of?

I guess keeping the club night running regularly for about 11 years. In that
time so many club nights came and went but somehow we survived. I would like to think it's because there was something unique about what we were doing but it might just as easily have been luck!

What release has blown you away recently?

I think as you get older the standard of what it takes to really impress you gets higher. I can't think of anything off the top of my head from the last few months but hip hop wise the music I'm really feeling at the moment is stuff like Shape of Broad Minds, Jneiro Jarel, Pete Philly and Perquisite, Art of One Mind, Strange Fruit etc.

Whats your favourite record?

Favourite record is a hard one to answer. I'm tempted to say Wind Parade by Donald Byrd. It's just one of those intros that puts the hairs on your neck on end. Places and Spaces is one of the first LPs I bought purely for a break. There's also other breaks used by Grand Daddy IU and Pete Rock on there. The whole album is pure class and it really got me into Blue Note stuff from that era. A close second is Back to Life by Soul II Soul. In my view it's a top class British soul record, a great club record and one I can listen to again and again at home. On the hip hop front, it's got to be Pete Rock & CL Smooth - TROY. A certified classic.

Onto the Diary....

What was the motivation to make the mix?

There was a point when because of Substance and 1Xtra etc people mainly knew me for playing hip hop and I wasn't really getting a chance to play much else when playing out. So I went out of my way to do mixes which took in alot of other styles just to keep things interesting for myself. Some people were into them but more often than not people were asking why I hadn't done any mixes more similar to what I would play out. There are so many forgettable hip hop mixes out there, I figured that if I was going to do this, it had to be something that stood out from the crowd - to quote LL 'Bigger and Deffer'!

How many tracks were used to make it and how long did it take to make?

There's 801 tracks used in total. In fact there's probably a few more because I didn't list all the samples used to signify the year sections. I'm ashamed to say that it's been about two years since I first started it. I worked on it on and off between other things. There was about 5 months when I didn't touch it at all. In the end I just got tired of people asking if it was done yet - I probably did about a third of it in the last few months.

What equipment did you use to make it?

Really just two Technics and a Vestax PMC06. It was all recorded using Cubase as a multi-track. In a few select places I used some echo effect but there's actually not too much editing in there to speak of.

How long before you attempt to make another mix?

I'm actually already planning the next one. It's going to be a similar in style but purely sampled funk and soul breaks. I'm not quite sure how to theme it this time - it won't be chronological this time I know that much!

Finally, where can people see you playing some records?

I have a few nice residencies at clubs and bars round East London where I live; Dragon Bar (best bar in London in my opinion), Truman Brewery, Herbal etc. I do handful of other spots in London pretty regularly and travel when I can. I'm at Solid Steel in Bristol this Friday. I should have some more stuff further afield in the new year - I'm talking to Rap History in Berlin about something off the back of the mix which should be good.

Heres a pic from when Tufkut played a few weeks back

Lefties Soul Connection rocked the Yardbird, heres a few shots courtesy of Alina

I managed to grab a quick interview with them to play on the show this Monday. Thanks to everyone that came out to that and the Hare and Hounds for Jibberings 7th Birthday.

Have a great weekend


Friday, 30 November 2007

Tomorrow we're 7!

Yep thats right 7!

Continuing a Jibbering tradition we are holding a Birthday Sale in the shop on Saturday 1st December. This is our little way to say thank you to all of our loyal customers and supporters who have helped us over the years.

All music purchases will have a 10% reduction. There will also be a few free drinks and festive treats!

So pop in and whip up those little gems that you have trying to ignore for the past few weeks or come and get some Christmas shopping out the way before the city turns into a rugby scrum!

I take it that by now you are all aware of our Big Birthday Party at the Hare and Hounds also on Sat 1st Dec.

I advise that you sort some tickets out in advance cuz they are cheaper and it should be really busy!!

Follow this link for tickets or get them from the shop!!

As a bonus heres some great footage of Stevie Wonder, thanks to Hawkeye for the link

Thursday, 29 November 2007

MI Download, Gigs and things...

A big thank you to everyone who downloaded last weeks show, had the most visitors and downloads so hope you enjoyed listening to the show, I've not had a chance to find out how Arkaic and Eurgh did yet, but I'll let you know as soon as I do.

I finally got hold of some pictures from the Apples gig, thanks to Pie for the great shots...

Secret squirrel in full effect (ie no playlist this week as the pc was down when I recorded the show), if you're interested in any tracks in particular then ask and I'll do my best to work out what it was for you. Thanks to Reggiimental for guesting on the show, heres the links

Part 1
Part 2

Two gigs this Saturday -

Jibbering 7th Birthday @ Hare & Hounds

Lefties Soul Connection @ The Yardbird

Chris Read Diary album launch on next weeks show

A few other things worth checking out are a great Showbiz interview at Unkut, Ryan Proctors started a blog, and if you haven't got it yet, make sure you grab the Dillagence download from www.mickboogie.com

Have a great week / weekend


Tuesday, 20 November 2007

MI 19-11-07 Playlist & Download, Top 20 etc

Thanks to Pneumatic, Arkaic and Eurgh for guesting on the show last night, Gremlins (see left, everyone else does Christmas earlier each year so why can't I?) meant the wrong show was played so heres the shows first airing! Below is the sharebee links for your download pleasure, short playlist due to the CRAZY freestyle (all the beats I played were unprompted in case you were wondering), if you thought freestyling was limited to mum jokes and "random" objects in pockets then you don't listen to the show enough! If they win the Jump Off thing best of luck to them in New York. Christmas Cypher show is set for Monday 17th Dec so get in touch if your interested.

The Apples & Tufkut both rocked the Yardbird last week for Funkbox, thanks to everyone who came out.

Daily Diggers
excellent blogspots got some great tips for vinyl restoration so peep it here. I'd like to say it's also far less damaging to your health!

Here's the latest Louis Den Beat Battle new homework up on the myspace.
Louis Den Beat Battles Episode 10 Video Game Samples

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Next week Shady Residents live in the studio.

have a great week


Main Ingredient Pla
ylist 19/11/2007
98.7FM (West Midlands)

Mon Nights / Tues Morning 12 - 2am


Main Ingredient 19 11 07 Pneumatic Eurgh Arkaic pt1.mp3

Main Ingredient 19 11 07 Eurgh Arkaic pt2.mp3

Paul White > Dragon Fly (One Handed Music)
Chain Of Command > Truss (Merciless) Pneumatic & Sloth > (Headcount)
Illustrate > My Hat (Headcount Exclusive)
Mr Grieves > The General (Exclusive)
Pnematic & Sloth > The Morning Star (Headcount)
Eurgh & Arkaic Freestyle
The Saint feat Cadence > Wisdom Over Weapons (Jakarta)

Top 20

DJ Spinna > Dilla Was The GOAT (Cult 45's)
Paul White > Dragon Fly (One Handed Music)
Marco Polo > The Radar Remix (Rawkus) Y Society > Off & On (Tres)
Buff1 > Supreme (A Side)
The Heliocentrics > Out There (Now Again)
Guilty Simpson > Mans World (White)
Ill Boogs > Funky Ghost Town (Breakin' Bread)
Polyrhythm Addicts > Break Glass (Babygrande)
DJ IQ > Live FromThe Sofa (Mancan)
Various Now & Again Re:Sounds 7" Boxset(Now Again)
G Frequency feat Tableek - Eggs N Cheese (All City)
Keno 1 & The Hermit > Poppa Heavy (White)
Nine:Fifteen > Keep Trying (Candlewax Records)
English - Attack Of The Killer Loops (Left Turn / DAT Sound)
Big Daddy Kane & Percee P vs Connie Price & The Keystones (Scion)

Wio-k EP (Netgroove)
Geo & Ricochet > A Lil' Sum Em Sum 'Em EP (Freestyle Professors)
Phat Kat > Cold Steel (Look)
Pharoahe Monch > Desire (SRC)

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Another "Classic" show, LDBB, Funkbox and more...

I've had to give you another classic show as the studio still isn't working, I'm not sure if I can actually call it classic as it's from this year (19-02-07) but it's the most fun I'd had in ages with Leicesters very own Bomb Squad, Ed209 in the building and self described "Shiny Metal Man", Chrome from Def Tex. Some of the chat was bananas, some very dope records were played and we got Chrome to do some live rhyming, I'll have a hunt for the playlist if anyone actually wants to know what was played (ask in the rarely used comment section below!) To be extra nice I'm using sharebee so rapidshare, zshare etc are all covered...

Part 1
Part 2

Next up I'll be using some of the Louies Den Beat Battle beats, any one who wants to get involved check the myspaz for the lowdown, homework 10 is up so get making some beats. I'm going to use a selection of the beats as music beds before they get turned into finished tracks. Seriously theres some incredible beats being made! This video's the flipping kids tv themes...

Louis Den Beat Battles The Real Episode 8

Starting on Wednesday 14th November from 8pm – Late FUNKBOX present all the way from Israel…

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

LIVE at The Yardbird, Paradise Place, Birmingham B3 3HJ
£6 entry… plus FUNKBOX DJs

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

On Friday 16th November FUNKBOX returns with…Tufkut...One time resident of Breakin’ Bread and Hip-Hop production maestro TufKut travels up from the big smoke to show off his extensive knowledge of breaks and beats from deep in his crates.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Again at The Yardbird, Paradise Place, Birmingham B3 3HJ, £2 entry. I wish I had been able to do the show on Monday as I had a few of his tracks ready to hand, he makes hip-hop how it's supposed to sound, full of dope samples and heavy drums, I think he probably introduced me to some devil worshiper by the name of Kashmere too...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Phill Most Chill has one of the best blogs on the net and a record collection that makes even the most hardened digger salivate. Recently he's done some posts on the mysterious Baritone Tiplove a few of you might be aware of. Heres the direct link for those too lazy to look at my links bar on the right (they're all dope links by the way, don't front!)

Next week Pneumatic & Sloth live in the studio and feel free to leave a comment. Be sure to check back too as I should be posting again tomorrow with another show.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Classic Show and Ish I'm Feeling...

I couldn't do the show last night due to the studio being broken, I'm assured it'll be up and running for next weeks show with Kaydee, but rather than leave you with nowt I thought I'd have a rumage through the vaults and post up the show with Master Ace, Wordsworth and DJ A.Vee, I can't quite believe it's nearly 2 1/2 years ago! Anyway we talked about music, ugly trainers and I even got them to do some freestyling. It's onlt on zshare as rapidshare was hating for some reason...

23-05-05 Master Ace & Wordsworth Part 1
23-05-05 Master Ace & Wordsworth Part 2

Gigbeth was good fun, props to Jonny Damaj, HLI and Chrome for his impromptu performance during my set, which reminds me one of the things I'm feeling at the moment is the Def Tex album "Thanks But No Thanks" (Son Records) unfortunately it's only on CD and download but there is a 4 track album sampler pressed up on one of those black grooved 12" things.

Next thing I'm feeling is the new Y Society 12" "Never Off" (Tres), if this is anything to go by then the album "Travel At Your Own Pace" is going to be off the meat rack and you'll need it almost as much as a box of hot wings. Damu the Fudgemunk (one half of the group along with Insight) also has some sick video's on youtube if you wanna check out how he gets down on his MPC, I'm almost prepared to let him off his silly name (unless his surname is actually Fudgemunkson in which case it's alright!) he's that good...heres some sneak peak beats

Next on my list of dopeness is Kidkanevil, I'm enjoying his "Problems and Solutions" (First Word) album more and more with each listen and the clever people at the label give you the album as a free download if you buy the wax, hows that for nice! He also puts on a great live show with various changing live personel.

The final bit of music to tell you about I was really looking forward to playing last night, The Saint (one half of NYC's The Good People) featuring Nyoil and Cadence on a dinked 7" on Jakarta. It's limited to buy it on sight, you'll be glad you did!

The Jibbering website has also had a revamp so check that if you get a chance.

Hate mail / comments to the usual address

Have a great week


Wednesday, 31 October 2007

MI Playlist 29-10-07, English's new Video etc...

Thanks to everyone who made it to Oxjam, one in one out by about 10.30 so hopefully lots of money raised for Oxfam. This Saturday I'm playing at Gigbeth for Heducation along with Beardyman, DJ JFB, Parker, Mylz, HLI, Bones and a whole lot more for £6.

A few people had problems downloading last weeks show so no zippage this week (let me know in the comments section too), plus you can also get them from the Ground Zero Project, check out the other mixes while your there too.

English has a new video too from his excellent debut album "Attack Of The Killer Loops" check it here...

Pneumatic and Sloth had to postpone doing the show monday, they'll be on the show on the 19th November now.

Have a good un Cro

Main Ingredient Playlist 29/10/2007
98.7FM (West Midlands)
http://www.newstyleradio.co.uk/ for Live Streaming
http://www.mainingredientradio.blogspot.com/ for downloads
Mon Nights / Tues Morning 12 - 2am


Supastition > Worst Enemy (Reform School Music)
Show & AG > Running Man (Exclusive)
Freestyle Professors > Testify (Exclusive)
Mr Complex feat Pharoahe Monch > Scream & Shout Remix (Oriental Source)
Scienz Culture > The Wave (Far Out)
Shape Of Broad Minds > They Don't Know (Lex)
DJ Vadim > Got To Rock (BBE)
Wu Tang > Take It Back
Baritone Tiplove > Suckaswannaputasticka (White)
Lakim Shabaaz & 45 King > Turn It Out (BBP)
Hard Knocks > Strictly From The Bronx (Wild Pitch)
Y Society > Dizzy (Tres)
Supreme Team > See (Stones Throw)
The Last Skeptik > Flip Flows (Suspect Files)
J-Live > Feel Like Spittin (BBE)
Buff1 > Supreme (A-side Worldwide)

Part 2

Ghostface feat Kid Capri > Celebrate (Def Jam)
Positive K > Night Shift (4th & Broadway)
Nas > Surviving the Times (Columbia)
Little Brother > System (All City)
Pete Rock > Til I Retire (Nature Sounds)
DJ Spinna > Dillagence (White)
Skitz feat Roots Manuva > Where My Mind Is At (Ronin)
Conspicuous > Can U Hear It (Sit Tight)
Shadez Of Brooklyn > When It Rains It Pours (Tape Kingz)
Def Tex > Rappers (Son)
Lots of Rappers! > Fondle 'Em Fossils (Def Jux)
Flying Lotus > Massage Situation (Warp)

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

MI Playlist 22-10-07 Associated Minds Live Free Download

Bit of a Welsh takeover on
last nights show as
decided to
bring 8 mates with him,
the show has to be heard,
some serious
skills from
everyone. Now go and buy
the Metabeats album
(Associated Minds)
available in all good shops now!

See the pic below...
Also The shows been upped as
1 zip file to make your life easier!

This Friday is
Oxjam @ Cafe One, Broad Street. All proceeds to charity, heres the lowdown...

Aries & Benny (Co-Lab)
Cro (Main Ingredient/Newstyle FM)
Kut D (Coologik)
The Doctor (Bass Operations)
Sammy B-Side (Rumble In The Jungle)
Cleancut (Bass Operations)
TacticK (Fat Gold Chain)

Kosyne (Soulthump)
Redbeard (Scratch Club)
Bones (Coologik)
Hosted by Taharka (Drop Beats Not Bombs) Live Visuals and Graf

Join the Myspace page: www.myspace.com/Oxjam_Brum

For more info on Oxfam please see:

Next week I've got Pneumatic & Sloth (Headcount Records) live on the show.

Have a good un


Main Ingredient Playlist 22/10/2007
98.7FM (West Midlands)
for Live Streaming
www.mainingredientradio.blogspot.com for downloads
Mon Nights / Tues Morning 12 - 2am

Download Links

Part 1
Dela feat Large Professor > Cheer (Exclusive)
Ghostface > Celebrate (Def Jam)
Verb T feat Skrein > Hourglass (Thomas Recs)
J Dilla ft MF Doom & Guilty Simpson > Mash's Revenge (Stonesthrow)
Tableek > Summer In The City (Plug)
Pentalk > This World (Suspect Files)
Y Society > Off and On (Tres)
Scorzayzee > Final Destination (Exclusive)

Part 2

Metabeats Interview
Associated Minds Freestyle

Weight Bench > Tha Accumen (Exclusive)
Ralph Rip Sh!t > The Jazz Is Back (Exclusive)
DJ Spinna & Phonte > Dillagence (White)
Ruffstylz > Listen and Learn (Associated Minds)
Metabeats > Live and Let Live (Associated Minds)

Monday, 22 October 2007

Thanks to Mr Thing for a sterling set on Friday, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves as you can see. Tonight Meta Beats is travelling from Wales for the Radio Show, I asked for a photo so you could see what he looks like and got this out-take catalogue shot ;) Should be a great show so listen live or check back for the download links



Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Main Ingredient w/ CAPPO & STYLY CEE FREE Download, Playlist, Gigs etc

First off, please leave a comment and feel free to put requests in etc, right back to the programme...

A big thanks to Cappo and Styly Cee for making the trip from Notts, the new mixtape is out now and available from www.cappomixtape.com and the obligatory myspace links www.myspace.com/cappomixtapecom and www.myspace.com/allstylzentertainment

Mr Thing is our special guest this Friday's Funkbox @ The Yardbird, it'll be the first time in well over a year since he's played Brum and it's a nice intimate venue so it'll be a great opportunity to see him play some of his favourite funk (it's also my last day at school so feel free to help me celebrate!)
Saturday I'm playing at the Tap House in Kidderminster for Our Corner with Billy Chill Fingers. Also I've upped last nights show to zshare and rapid share, let me know which you prefer. The shows are also going to be available through www.amalgamdigital.com or
and www.mainingredientradio.blogspot.com so you've no excuse for not listening!

Metabeats will be live in the studio next week so don't miss it, if you don't know about the man then your homework for next week is to purchase his new album Metaphysical which is out now and listen to it on repeat, you have til monday and you have been warned!

Have a good un


Main Ingredient Playlist 15/10/2007

98.7FM (West Midlands)
www.newstyleradio.co.uk for Live Streaming
www.mainingredientradio.blogspot.com for downloads
Mon Nights / Tues Morning 12 - 2am

Part 1 Zshare or Rapidshare

Scorzayzee > Final Destination (Exclusive)
Baritone Tiplove - Tiplove Don't Kare (White)
Marco Polo > The Radar Remix (Soul Spasm)
Royal Flush > Worldwide (Blunt)
Weight Bench > The Acumen (Exclusive)

Styly Cee Mix
Diamond D > Step To Me (Chemistry)
MC EZ & Troup > Get Retarded (Fresh)
45 King > Brainstorm (Tuff City)
3rd Bass > Product of The Environment Remix (Def Jam)
DJ Mink > Can U Relate (White)
Tuff Crew > Detonator (Rhythm Records)
Cappo Freestyle

Part 2 Zshare or Rapidshare

The Heliocentrics > Before I Die (Stones Throw)
Blind Alphabetz feat Sean Price > Hammer (Silent Sounz)
Cappo & Styly Cee Exclusive
Pete Rock > 914 (Nature Sounds)
Raekwon > Verbal Intercourse (Loud)
Def Squad > Full Co-operation (Def Jam)
Styly Cee & Cappo > The Test Match (Son)
Termanology > So Amazing (Brick)
Cappo Freestyle

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Cappo & Styly Cee Live On Mondays Show

Apologies for a lack of recent shows, I'm more than making up for it with Cappo and StylyCee live on this Mondays show (15th Oct 12-2am) and Metabeats Live on the 22nd. Also Mr Thing is doing a funk set for Funkbox @ The Yardbird this Friday 19th Oct, I'll post more on that on Tuesday...



Thursday, 27 September 2007

24-09-07 Playlist and Download

slightly later playlist and download this week, thanks to Jesper and Ras for the great unreleased Evil Twins track, theres more unreleased tracks on Jespers blog (link in the tracklist and on the right of my blog). George did a sterling set on Friday, a big thank you to him. Feel free to leave a comment /put requests in for next weeks show at the bottom

Enjoy the show


Main Ingredient Playlist 24/09/200798.7FM (West Midlands) http://www.newstyleradio.co.uk/ for Live Streaming
http://www.mainingredientradio.blogspot.com/ for downloads
Mon Nights / Tues Morning 12 - 2am http://www.myspace.com/djcrobirminghamÂ

Part 1 http://www.zshare.net/audio/387504311c6a64/
Master Ace > Go Where I Send Thee (Cold Chillin)
MF Grimm > Earth (Class A)
Freestyle Professors > Testify (Exclusive)
The UN > Snow (Exclusive)
Ghostface & Theodore Unit > Amsterdam (J-Love)
Stig Of The Dump & RA The Rugged Man > Brain Dead Jehst Remix (Beer & Rap)
Skyzoo & Torae > Click (fat Beats)
Verb T & The Last Skeptik feat Kashmere > Fire Reigns (Silent Soundz)
Y Society > Never Off (Tres)
Shape Of Broad Minds > They Don't Know (Lex)
Biz Markie > Non Stop Rockin (Cold Chillin)
Braveheatrs > Bravehearted (Columbia)
G&D feat MED > G&D (Look)
Jehst > Organ Stabs (YNR)

Part 2 http://www.zshare.net/audio/38750784ee5737/
Kool G Rap & Nas > Fast Life Norfside Remix (Epic)
Kurious > Uptown Hit (Columbia)
Eric Lau & Guilty Simpson > For The D (Fat City)
Memory Man > The Kool Keith Show (Chopped Herring)
Flavour Unit MC's > Roll With The Flavour Daily Diggers Remix (Exclusive)
School Of Hard Knocks > Dirty Cop Namd Harry (Wild Pitch)
Metabeats > F@ck Wit Me (Associated Minds)
Natural Self > Lament Kid Kanevil remix (Breakin Bread)
John Robinson & IG Culture > The Wave (Far Out)
Finsta > So Much On My Mind (Pandemonium)
Mobb Deep > Hell On Earth (Loud)
Evil Twins & Ras Beats > See No Evil (Get It Here!)
Nice & Smooth > Run It Down The Line (RAL)

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

MI Playlist 17/09/07 IRS Interview and FREE Download

Drop Beats Not Bombs was crazy at the weekend, props to everyone who performed, dj'ed and came out to party. Shout to Ed Strong for the interview on last nights show, make sure you pick up the The IRS debut album "The World Is Theirs" is OUT NOW on Merciless records!

Kurious amazing debut (and unfortunately only album so far) gets reissued today courtesy of http://www.amalgamdigital.com/. I should be interviewing the man very soon so look out for that. Amalgam are also offering my radio show as a podcast (in the podcast section funnily enough) and I think I'm the only non US dj on there!
Friday is Funkbox @ Yardbird, we've got George Mahood as guest who you should know from running Big Daddy and Grand Slam Magazines and now the excellent Concourse Records. Mans got serious records so pop down and have a dance.
The new Big Smoke Magazine is also out and I'll be giving away some copies on next weeks show.

Have a good un

Main Ingredient Playlist 17/09/2007
98.7FM (West Midlands)
www.newstyleradio.co.uk for Live Streaming
www.mainingredientradio.blogspot.com for downloads
Mon Nights / Tues Morning 12 - 2am

Part 1 http://www.zshare.net/audio/37124358b06ae0/
Jehst feat Konny Kon, Micall Parknsun & Asaviour > Organ Stabs (YNR)
Y-Society > Never Off (Tres)
W-iok > We Nah Easy (Netgroove)
Dubbledge feat Skrien > Ego Trip (Low Life)
John Robinson & IG Culture > The Wave (Far Out)
The IRS > The Big Day In (Merciless)
The IRS Interview
The IRS > Wanna Act (Merciless)
Verb T & The Last Skeptik feat Kashmere > Fire Reigns (Silent Soundz)
The UN > Snow (Exclusive)
Mobb Deep > Peer Pressure (4th & Broadway)
Kurious feat Mike G & Sadat X > Mansion & A Yacht (Amalgam Digital)
Rob O > Mention (Me Sound Of Dissent)

Part 2 http://www.zshare.net/audio/3712442231ed51/
Guilty Simpson > Mans World (White)
Ghostface > The Champ Demo Mix (Starks Ent)
Souls Of Mischief > Good Feeling (Jive)
Ill Biskits > Chill Factor (Atlantic)
Big Shug > Play It (Babygrande)
Dutchmassive feat Median & Von Pea > Better Man (Domination)
MF Grimm > Earth (Class A Records)
Pharoahe Monch > Behind Closed Doors Chrome Remix (Exclusive)
P Brothers feat Cappo > The Illest (Heavy Bronx)
Royal Flush > Iced Down Medalions (Blunt)
Gangstarr > The ? Remains (Chrysalis)
Ultramagnetic MC's > Raise It Up (Wild Pitch)
Memory Man feat Kool Keith > The Kool Keith Show (Chopped Herring)
Metabeats > Pump This (Associated Minds)
Theory Hazit > Hello Kiddeez (OM)

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

MI Playlist 10/0/07 w DJ IQ, Asaviour & Script Live

Thanks to DJ IQ and Asaviour for their great guest mix (Live from The Sofa out now!) and Script for coming on Mondays show. This Fridays Drop Beats at the Que Club. On next weeks show I'll be interviewing The IRS. Feel free to leave requests in the comments section for next weeks show.


Main Ingredient Playlist 10/09/2007

98.7FM (West Midlands)
www.newstyleradio.co.uk for Live Streaming
www.mainingredientradio.blogspot.com for downloads
Mon Nights / Tues Morning 12 - 2am

Part 1

Chester P > Chessmonster (Rawdog)
Freesyle Professors > Testify (Exclusive)
Verb T & Last Skeptik > No More feat Ed OG (Silent Soundz)
The IRS > Wanna Act (Merciless)
Maspyke > Far East Politics (Bukerance)
Raekwon > Rainy Dayz Diamond D Remix (Loud)

DJ IQ Guest Mix

THE UN – SNOW *** Exclusive

Part 2 http://www.zshare.net/audio/36051389c85072/

DJ IQ Guest Mix Continued...
VERB T Featuring SKREIN – HOUR GLASS *** Exclusive

TRANQILL – ON MY OWN *** Exclusive

Forbidden Tongues > Overstand (Forbidden Tongues)
Mr Complex > Visualize Beyond There Remix (Fat Beats)
Special Teamz > Long Time Coming (Duck Down)
Scientifik > Bitch I Don't Need Ya (Traffic)
Ill Biskits > 22 Years (Khari)
Script Interview & Freestyle
Dutchmassive feat Median & Von Pea > Betterman (Domination)
Surreal Knowledge > Exclusive (Surreal Knowledge)

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

MI Playlist 03-09-07 w/ HLI Live

If you were checking your spam boxes last week for playlists and a show to download, there wasn't one! Shambala got the better of me. This week HLI guested and are playing at Scratch Club tonight @ The Yardbird. Robin (Jam Jah) and Roy (Funkbox) are playing at the Jibbering Session this Wednesday too. Next weeks show I've got a super exclusive mix from DJ IQ who's incredible "Live From The Sofa" is out now with a limited clear vinyl 7" to follow shortly and I'll have Script live in the studio. Enjoy the show!

Have a good week


Main Ingredient Playlist 03/09/2007
98.7FM (West Midlands)
www.newstyleradio.co.uk for Live Streaming
www.mainingredientradio.blogspot.com for downloads
Mon Nights / Tues Morning 12 - 2am

Part 1 http://www.zshare.net/audio/346928248d9f30/
MSI & Asylum > Hang Em High (Gran Cru)
Jehst feat Konny Kon, Asaviour & Micall Parknsun > Organ Stabs (YNR)
Big Shug > Play It (Babygrande)
Pharoahe Monch > Behind Closed Doors Chrome Remix (Exclusive)
Ill Boogs > The Grump (Breakin' Bread)
HLI > Who Is There (Exclusive)
Dubbledge feat Skrein > Ego Trip (Lowlife)
Rob O > Mention Me (Sound Of Dissent)
Kurious > I'm Kurious (Amalgam Digital)
Gamma > Slang Teacher (Big Dada)
Cappo feat Scorz-zay-zee > Speak (Zebra Traffic)
Bootcamp > And So... (Bootcamp)
Ill Biskits > A Better Day (Khari Ent)

Part 2 http://www.zshare.net/audio/3469205e0d8c54/
Guilty Simpson > Mans World (White)
Crate Crusader & Sensei C > Feeling & Knowledge (Exclusive)
Drongomala feat. BLS, Brother Ghazi & The What Supreme > Break from This Prison (Flying Mountain)
Aesop Rock > Coffee (Def Jux)
AZ > I Am The Truth Memphis Remix
HLI Freestyle
DJ IQ > 8 Bars Of Fire (Mancan)
Dizzy Rascal > Pussyole BIP Remix (Exclusive)

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

MI Playlist 20-08-07 w Project Cee

Nice one to Project Cee for guesting on the show last night, plans are now in place to do an old school show with him very soon. Check him out at www.myspace.com/projectcee. I could repeat yesterdays mail but that would be abit boring so I wont, instead gremlins in the system meant that although the Doozer track listed below was a vocal, the audio is just of the instrumental! Very strange!!!

Have a good un


Main Ingredient Playlist 20/08/2007
98.7FM (West Midlands)
www.newstyleradio.co.uk for Live Streaming
www.mainingredientradio.blogspot.com for downloads
Mon Nights / Tues Morning 12 - 2am

Part 1 http://www.zshare.net/audio/3244096238112a/
DJ IQ > 8 Bars Of Fire (Mancan)
Big Shug > Play It (Babygrande)
J-Sands, K-Skills & Percy Filth > Thats Why (Exclusive)
Clutch Player > King Of Kings (BBE)
The Projections > The Projections (Ruztik)
The Projections > Panic (Ruztik)
The Projections > Ital Farm (Ruztik)
The Projections > Knowledge (Ruztik)
Project Cee Live
Dooley O > What You Know About Hip-Hop SoulCondor Remix (Exclusive)

Part 2 http://www.zshare.net/audio/3243855671a81a/
A-Trak & Little Brother > Step Off (Audio Research)
Doozer > Friction (Exclusive)
Knightstalker > Ancient Spirit (Impale Productions)
J-Live > The Incredible (BBE)
Muneshine > Mark My Words (Mumbles Hip Hop)
Project Cee Live
Camp Lo > Soul Fever (Babygrande)
Phill Most Chill > Until The Cops Shut It Down (White)
Mudmowth & Ralph Rip Shit > Rehab (Associated Minds)
Lord Finesse > Isn't He Something Daily Diggers Remix (Exclusive)
Main Source > Looking At The Front Door (Wild Pitch)
The Projections > Family (Ruztik)

Monday, 20 August 2007

MI Playlist & Download 13-08-07, Project Cee live on tonights show...

Sorry for the delay in posting this but I managed to get a few days away before the Shambala festival.
Tonight I've got Project Cee from The Projections live on the show. Tomorrow the Projections are playing at Scratch Club @ the Yardbird with DJ Switch (2x DMC Supremacy Champion), free in open decks and mic etc. Wednesday is the Jibbering Session at the Bulls Head. Shambala is this weekend so times running out to get your tickets. Anyone still in Brum at the weekend can check out Gilles Peterson with Funkbox and Leftfoot in support at the Hare and Hounds. Have a good un and another playlist / download to follow tomorrow!


Main Ingredient Playlist 13/08/2007
98.7FM (West Midlands)
www.newstyleradio.co.uk for Live Streaming
www.mainingredientradio.blogspot.com for downloads
Mon Nights / Tues Morning 12 - 2am

Part 1 http://www.zshare.net/audio/3228426fcfa993/
DJ IQ > 1234 (Mancan)
Common > The Game (Good)
Panacea > Flashback To Stardom DJ Spinna Remix (Giant Step)
Clutch Player > Meet Me On The Dancefloor (BBE)
Onyx > Shiftee Soulmans Fat Rat Remix (White)
Organized Konfusion > Stress Large Professor Remix (Holywood Basic)
Raekwon > Rainy Dayz Diamond D Remix (Loud)
J.Dilla > Make Em NV (Stones Throw)
Pharoahe Monch > Lets Go (SRC / Fat Beats)
J-Sands, K-Skills & Percy Filth > Thats Why Remix (Exclusive)
Frankie Cutlass > You & You & You BIP Remix (Exclusive)
Jazz Addixx > The Warm Up (Domination)

Part 2 http://www.zshare.net/audio/3228367668e628/

Zimbabwe Legit > Where I Am At (pH Music/Pro Se Recordings)
Marco Polo feat Master Ace > Nostalgia (Soul Spasm)
Miles Bonny > Closer Love (MPM)
Chrome & Sir Beans OBE > Miles From Home (Ruztic)
J-Live > The Incredible (BBE)
Freshco, Jay-z & Biggie Freestyle (Tapekingz)
Median > How Big Is Your World

I also played these somewhere, but can't place it at the mo, dope singles though!

Big Shug > Play It (Babygrande)
EPMD > The Main Event (deHop)