Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Classic Show and Ish I'm Feeling...

I couldn't do the show last night due to the studio being broken, I'm assured it'll be up and running for next weeks show with Kaydee, but rather than leave you with nowt I thought I'd have a rumage through the vaults and post up the show with Master Ace, Wordsworth and DJ A.Vee, I can't quite believe it's nearly 2 1/2 years ago! Anyway we talked about music, ugly trainers and I even got them to do some freestyling. It's onlt on zshare as rapidshare was hating for some reason...

23-05-05 Master Ace & Wordsworth Part 1
23-05-05 Master Ace & Wordsworth Part 2

Gigbeth was good fun, props to Jonny Damaj, HLI and Chrome for his impromptu performance during my set, which reminds me one of the things I'm feeling at the moment is the Def Tex album "Thanks But No Thanks" (Son Records) unfortunately it's only on CD and download but there is a 4 track album sampler pressed up on one of those black grooved 12" things.

Next thing I'm feeling is the new Y Society 12" "Never Off" (Tres), if this is anything to go by then the album "Travel At Your Own Pace" is going to be off the meat rack and you'll need it almost as much as a box of hot wings. Damu the Fudgemunk (one half of the group along with Insight) also has some sick video's on youtube if you wanna check out how he gets down on his MPC, I'm almost prepared to let him off his silly name (unless his surname is actually Fudgemunkson in which case it's alright!) he's that good...heres some sneak peak beats

Next on my list of dopeness is Kidkanevil, I'm enjoying his "Problems and Solutions" (First Word) album more and more with each listen and the clever people at the label give you the album as a free download if you buy the wax, hows that for nice! He also puts on a great live show with various changing live personel.

The final bit of music to tell you about I was really looking forward to playing last night, The Saint (one half of NYC's The Good People) featuring Nyoil and Cadence on a dinked 7" on Jakarta. It's limited to buy it on sight, you'll be glad you did!

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