Monday, 30 November 2009

MI 30-11-09 w/ Peaks FREE DOWNLOAD

Shouts to Roy for driving to London for the Polish Funk launch @ The Jazz Cafe Sat, crazy gig! Masta Ace and Ed O.G. ripped it on Sunday night too, great too see so many people out. Car issues fixed so Peaks was back on the show. Herbaliser Live this Saturday @ The Hare and Hounds too, more info soon but gig details here

Main Ingredient Radio Show
Mon Nights 12-2am New Style Radio,
98.7FM (West Midlands) / Sensei FM
w/ Peaks


Master Ace & Ed OG feat Large Professor - Fans
Big Tone feat Breeze Brewin - Broken Logo's (Tres)
Slum Village - Dope Man

Iron Braydz - Golden Eagle

Skandal feat Brad Strutt - Uff a 9 - 5 (Halal Beats / Kilimanjaro)
Paul White - Ultra Violet (One Handed Music)
Ghost - No More Remix
(Music By Ghost)
Redman - Coc Back
Tame 1 & Del Tha Funky Homosapien - Before This
SirOJ - One For Brum (Slumgullion)

Devon - Turnups
Levi - Peach
Stefan Segolssan - It's Over
Buckshot feat Phonte - Birdz Fly The Coup (Duck Down)
FS Green - Preppy Lady
Charlie Ross - The Sparkoff
Hi-Res - Funkshuns
Deanie Boi - Craving For Dreams (Exclusive)
Floyd the Locsmif - One For The Fam
Lone - Girls (Dealmaker)
Vlooper - Pastaz
Afta-1 - Tinden Flyver Remix
Soundsci - Lost and Found Peaks Remix (Exclusive)

$amhill - Poetic Justice (Exclusive)
Buff1 feat Diz and Shawn Jackson - The Best Are Full Of Love
DOOM - GAZZILION EAR Jneiro Jarel Remix (Lex)
Black Milk & Bishop Lamont feat Ras Kass & Royce Da5'9 - Go Hard (Caltroit)
People Under The Stairs - Step Off
ZO! feat Phonte - My Flame
Ed O.G., Lil Dap & Chubb Rock - The Rich Get Rich (Raptivim)
DJ JS-1 feat O.C. - Life...Words (Promo)
Royce Da 5'9 feat Phonte - Something 2 Ride 2
Dockmini - Breathe Inst

Justus League - Life Of The Party
J.Dilla - Flly (Bling 47)
Clipse - Momma I'm Sorry
A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz (Jive)
Guru - Lift Ya Fist (Virgin)
The Herbaliser - Can't Help This Feeling Helicentrics Remix (K7)

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

MI 23-11-09 Sleaze and T-Bone Live


Main Ingredient Radio Show
Mon Nights 12-2am New Style Radio,
98.7FM (West Midlands) / Sensei FM
w/ Sleaze & T-Bone


DJ JS-1 feat O.C. - Life...Words (Promo)
Skandal - Spaceship (Halal Beats / Kilimanjaro)
Ra The Rugged Man - LI's Finest (Nature Sounds)
Grimlok - Run This Town (Promo)
Nut-Rageous - Queens Talk (Poor Pocket Muzik)
Master Ace & Ed OG feat Posdnuos - Good Music
SirOJ - Phonenumber Inst (Slumgullion)

Sleaze & T-Bone Live Showcase

Mr Chop - Straighten It Out Inst (Now Again)
Redman - Coc Back
Kam Moye - Forever Fresh
Tame 1 & Del Tha Funky Homosapien - Before This
Black Milk & Bishop Lamont feat Elzhi & Phat Kat - Goatit (Caltroit)
Cappo & Endemic - Needle Drop (No Cure)
Iron Braydz - Golden Eagle
Buff1 & Damu The Fudgemunk - When The Winter Comes (Damu's Bandcamp)
Cormega feat Ghostface - Come On
Royce Da 5'9 feat Phonte - Something 2 Ride 2
Cappo & Scorzayzee - Speak (Son)
The Root - Get Busy (Def Jam)
Shadez Of Brooklyn - Calm Unda Pressure (Pandemonium)
Paten Locke - Auto Reverse (Tres)

Sleaze & T-Bone Freestyle

Foreign Beggars - Prove It Pete Cannon Remix (Promo)

Monday, 23 November 2009

Street Struck

Big L Documentary, hope it see's the light of day. Show talking about Devil's Son is crazy

Sleaze live on the radio show later...

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Breakestra @ The Hare and Hounds Sat 21st Nov

Yeeeeah Breakestra make their long overdue Birmingham debut at The Hare and Hounds, if you've not seen them before your in for a treat...if you have seen them before you've already bought your ticket! I'll have a dig through my vaults for my interview with them when they played at the Warwick Arts Centre a few years back (damn just checked and it was just over 5 years ago!) Also got two of their live sets from their previous tour back in my Breakin' Point days (shouts to Chris) but need to dig them out and undecided if I should share them or not, enough requests and I will. Support form Funkbox and Sam Redmore, it's going to be one of the gigs of the year! Facebook info here

J-Zone Knows Whats Up

It's all about tapes! Stilts, Canns and Percy know the time. Great to see Zone's got the Baritone Tiplove Livin' Foul cassette too. J-Zones also got one of the best blogs on the net get peepin
Look out for the Paten Locke track on the next show too, should be up later today...

Real G's Rock Tapes from richdirection on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

D'Angelo Voodoo EPK

This is good, wonder how many others are out there in cyber space now, any recommendations just leave a link in the comment box. Crazy seeing Eric Clapton in the video too, I'm going to play the album tonight

Bonus Redman EPK from Whut, one of my favourite hip-hop albums with so many memories for me growing up. Thanks to the original uploaders too. I'd treasured my Gangstarr and Beastie Boys promo VHS tapes but since they've put everything out on DVD they're not quite so special

When People Take Things A Bit Too Seriously...

Wow, I mean I grew up playing SF2 Turbo (shouts to Percy), Mario Kart, Sonic etc and still enjoy playing games every now and then, but these people need to get out abit more (or get locked up cause they really shouldn't be allowed in society!). I think he actually means he loves the game buts a little upset he deleted his save file or he wouldn't have been playing it for 17 hours straight (or have milk on his lip, the ladies will love him after this) Thanks to OJ for the link

Further proof that some people might need to get out abit more, this ones for Audessey, thanks to Joe Davies

Finally, if you needed to see anymore and props to Terror

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

MI Mini Show

30 Minutes of new dopeness to tide you over, get downloading HERE tracklist below

Cappo & Endemic - Needle Drop (No Cure)
RA The Rugged Man - LI's Finest (Nature Sounds) Purist prod, props!
Skandal - Spaceship (Halal Beats/Kilimanjaro)
Cambatta - Light It Up Jaisu Prod
Foreign Beggars - Prove It Pete Cannon Remix (Promo)
Sonnyjim & Jon Phonics - Crazyillmadrowdy (Promo)
Nut-Rageous - Queens Talk (Poor Pocket Muzik)
Scor-zay-zee - Summertime (Promo Dub)
Tragic Allies - Reality Check Freestyle (Exclusive)
Cormega feat Tragedy & Havoc - Define Yourself (Aura)
Dubbledge feat TB - Glaciers Of Ice (Promo)

Secondhand Sureshots

Upping a mini show as I type this, unfortunately Cappo and Endemic are rescheduling the show and looks like vinyl may be a little late but the digital release of Needle Drop is still next Monday. Just seen this, sounds good and similar to the King Of The Beats idea...

Nice packaging too and freeee empeeetreee over at Stones Throw
Killed it on the packaging and Pic disc, bloaw! Anyone reading this who wants to hook me up with a copy for review, holla!


Picture Disc

Gatefold Handprinted Sleeve

Monday, 9 November 2009

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Souls Of Mischief Live in London Mon 9th Dec

Yup Souls Of Mischief have a new album produced entirely by Prince Paul and they are in London tomorrow for their only UK date with Deep Rooted, Skandal, Mr Thing and Charlee Brown, wish I lived closer as last time I saw Souls they smashed it (and the time before and the time before that), Mr Thing always kills it and Skandal is one of the country's best (interview soon!). Did I mention it's free? Carhartt should give me some free clothes! 7.30pm onwards

I'll have Cappo and Endemic live on the show tomorrow so tune in for that

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Out To Lunch

Yep this is my sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeit, shouts to Chopped Herring, who've just launched a proper website if you can call it that. I've got a full review coming soon of their most recent release but this vid is for the great "Out To Lunch" 12" feat Rod Hotley and the top cut and paste "Double Glazing" on the flip (got named in Big Daddy as one of the best cut and paste tracks ever and they know their onions, hip-hop and errr breaks obviously). CH then went on to put out what is for me still the best breaks mix ever, "3 Sinister Sylables" urinating on other breaks cd's from a very large height (rumour has it Jay Glaze is actually a giant although I might have made that up). Enjoy

As a bonus Mr Cuba put me up on this fine young fellow called Mr B. shouts to Robard for the cricket knowledge

anyways I'm out like a trout, peas

Monday, 2 November 2009

Jaisu Vol 6

Yep, Jaisu and AB0181 back with more heat

I've just seen the time too so realised I won't make it to the studio to do the radio show but I'll do a mini home recorded show for your listening pleasure, sometimes life gets in the way of hip-hop so check back tues / weds for some new heaters

Rappers Gotta Eat.....P

Sean Price is that dude, via Unkut and Dallas Penn

Sean Price Is Right... from dallas penn on Vimeo.

Sha Stimuli's older brother Lord Digga did a dope flip of the Price is Right Theme tune called My Flows Is Tight, wastetube doesn't seem to have it and I'm not going to up my rip of the 12"so heres the Dailymotion link, they want all my password info to embed it so uffff that. I've got a spare copy of the 12" if anyones after it, drop me an email (address on the right) or a comment

Sunday, 1 November 2009