Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Out To Lunch

Yep this is my sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeit, shouts to Chopped Herring, who've just launched a proper website if you can call it that. I've got a full review coming soon of their most recent release but this vid is for the great "Out To Lunch" 12" feat Rod Hotley and the top cut and paste "Double Glazing" on the flip (got named in Big Daddy as one of the best cut and paste tracks ever and they know their onions, hip-hop and errr breaks obviously). CH then went on to put out what is for me still the best breaks mix ever, "3 Sinister Sylables" urinating on other breaks cd's from a very large height (rumour has it Jay Glaze is actually a giant although I might have made that up). Enjoy

As a bonus Mr Cuba put me up on this fine young fellow called Mr B. shouts to Robard for the cricket knowledge

anyways I'm out like a trout, peas