Monday, 13 October 2008

Beat Cypher Teaser, YNR Instore, Mr Thing and more

Jehst, Sir Smurf, Micall Parknsun, Jayger and IQ did a sterling set in the shop last week, with Sonny jumping in for a freestyle...

If you missed the first LOUIS DEN BEAT CYPHER, DAMN you really did miss out, while the rest of the footage is being collated heres a little teaser video Kosyne put together. I'll also be playing highlights on a forthcoming show (not sure which as it's still got to be converted etc). Enjoy the footage, my personal highlights were Mr Dick's sample flip (they all got sent a sample of my choice a week before hand) and pretty much everything Kelakovski played, props to everyone involved and all the people who brought out their own beats for me to spin, not seen a night like it! Pics to follow

Mr Thing ripped it up at Funkbox as expected, heres a pic and I'll add some audio soon as he's said it's cool to put some of his set up for your downloading pleasure, all vinyl and not a laptop in sight...

Thanks to Aine, Ruth, Emma, Percy, Lisa (Happy Birthday!), Robard, Specky, Ace Bentura, Hayley, Matt, Pritt, Mr FX, Paul, Carys and everyone else who came out and the winners of the DJ Format raffle. We've got Muz playing for us on Friday at the Yardbird and are playing at Trigger on Saturday in the Heated garden.

Also Asaviour and IQ's A-Loop Theory is nearly upon us as a teaser heres a lil promo mix they did



1) Intro
2) Asaviour - Gully - feat Apatight
3) Asaviour & DJ IQ - Gatheround feat Jehst
4) TI - Swagger Like Us -feat Kanye West, Jay Z & Lil Wanye
5) Asaviour & DJ IQ - Beefy
6) Benga - 26 basslines
7) Skream - Rutten
8) Hal 1200 - Hustle & Hope REMIX - feat Asaviour, Pride, Kyza & TB
9) Teriyaki Boyz - Zock on - feat Pharrell & Busta Rhymes
10) Flying lotus - Roberta Flack (Ahu) - feat. Dolly
11) De Javaanse Jongens - On You
12) Carlos Nino (white label)
13) Daru & Rena - Excuse (Inst)

Mixed by Hal 1200 & Dj IQ
Hosted by Asaviour

Have a great week