Thursday, 16 April 2009

Blaaaaad, Suck my Duck MF'er you Ladies Man

DJ MK posted this Adulthood bloody version, blud yesterday on his dope blog and it had me in stiches if you've not already seen it

If you don't like swearing then don't click play on the "short version" of Scarface (and apologies to my mum if your reading this, she's not a big fan of swearing)

as a bonus some more British comedy, but this time suitable for my mum

and this

I'll end the post with one of my favourite UK Hip-Hop videos which you won't have seen on Channel U, shouts to Diversion Tactics and Beyond There, if you want this on wax you can find it tucked away on the B-side of Live from London featuring UK legend Blade

LOUIS DEN BEAT CYPHER TONIGHT PEOPLE, Kosynes been interviewing each of the featured producers over at Louis Den so have a read and download the exclusives and back to some more music related posts once I've stopped laughing