Saturday, 4 April 2009

Nut-Rageous & Jay Large The Red Zone EP FREE EP

Not often I post free downloads up (as they aren't usully legit, not how I get down...go support the artists and buy there music) but I'm happy and sad about this one. Happy cause it's a dope collab between Flushing Queens Emcee Nut-rageous who you should be familiar with from my radio show (don't sleep on his previous releases inc Wat's Poppin with KL RIP and Nuts and Screws 12" with Blaq Poet and Kryon available from the myspaz link) and Glasgows Jay Large. The bad news is it's one of Jay's last projects as he's focusing on his Management Company "On It Management" looking after S-Type and Jaisu although I hear rumours there may still be a project with Prince Po still to come so fingers crossed (yeah that Prince Po). It also features Lord Sear who you may remember from Kurious's 'Walk Like A Duck' or his dope 12" on Fondle Em' and the crazy 'Hello' joint, here he adds his usual humour. Download link after the pics, enjoy!