Friday, 17 April 2009

Invincible featuring Tiombe Lockhart "Ropes" Video

Dope new video from Invincible featuring Tiombe Lockhart "Ropes" taken from her new album Shapeshifters. One of my favourite female emcees (not that I can think of that many) so uff it one of my favouirte emcees right now. Courtesy of Okay Player.

Peep the intro too, great to see MTV are happy to get behind materialistic hip-hop video's but see this as "problematic" due to the content of the song. The media need to take some sort of responsibility and raise awareness on these issues not bury their heads in bling and false realities (well for me anyway I'll let you know when I get the mansion and a yacht!).

Invincible "Ropes" feat. Tiombe Lockhart

Oh the vid was directed by none other than Mr Complex, who if your not familiar with I suggest you go cop "The Complex Catalog" and "Twisted Mister". Heres a vid for the incredible "Visualize" produced by none other than DJ Spinna...I had no idea there was a vid for this and hard to believe it's 12 years old. Low budget steez but Spinna's record collection looks ILL!