Tuesday, 15 September 2009

TRUTH Procrastinat(k)ing FREE DOWNLOAD

No radio show last night due to technical problems in the studio I'm told should be fixed for next weeks so fingers crossed, as you've got no radio show to download heres something else for you to check..I thought I'd posted his back when it first dropped but looks like I didn't so my bad and better late than never (or go revisit it if you got it a few months back and haven't played it for a while). This is surprisingly Truths debut ep and a mighty fine listen from start to finish it is too, plus as one of th hardest working people in this country (organising Rapsploitation Sessions which is one of the best nights in the UK, runs the website and does promo for peeps I'm not actually surprised). Featuring the additional vocal talents of Kosyne, Sonnyjim, Grimlok and Conflix and production is handled by Archimendes, Charlie Mac, Hoaxman, Sivey, Mr Laws, Mazzie, Prolifik & Truth himself whos no slough on the boards. Kimbo hooked up some nice artwork and best of all it's FREE so you've no excuses, "Pass That" is my joint (no pun intended)

Click the picture or DOWNLOAD HERE and leave the man some feedback