Thursday, 10 September 2009

DJ Nice 100x Mix and review

I've been threatening to get some records reviewed for a while now, one such record is the 100x "Whom Shall I Fear?" 2LP of previously unheard Philly goodness out of the 215 Archives recorded between 1993 - 1995. I'm not going to get mad deep on it's content, dark mid 90's boom bap with filtered bass lines and some crazy emceeing is the order of the day. 100x are a large crew consisting of 7 members so it's quite easy to see why the music industry fronted on them as it was pre Wu etc and going for a single artist or 2/3 man group would be a much safer bet. This actually works to our advantage though as were treated to 18 hardcore tracks that haven't been tampered with by a label, A&R or other outside influences. Just download DJ Nice's mix and digest it (feel free to give him some feedback too), Flowers In The Attic is my ish with Bad Newz murdering a sample you should all be familiar with and Belly Of Hell (some of Are-Ems lines are just plain wrong).
You can still buy the 2LP HERE, it comes with a dope CD by Nicky Butters including more unreleased material (rumour has it some may see the light of day) and the Early Years EP 12" (6 tracks from 88 - 91). I've been listening to the album pretty solidly for over a month and it's one of those rare beasts that I'm still not bored with and always catch something new, now tell me one album you've done that with recently?