Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Kid Greebo - Paul C Lives Vol.2

Damn this is a dope mix, if you don't have the tracks already, get hunting cause quite a few of these are into 3 digit money and not easy to find with everything out of press so I don't mind posting it up, shouts to Kid Greebo, worth pulling out that issue of Big Daddy to read along while listening...

Feat PRINCE PO. All of the tracks were produced or engineered by the late great Paul C. Mckasty (1964-1989)

01. Intro
02. M.C. Outloud- I'll Put A Hurten'

03. Phase & Rhythm- Hyperactive

04. Eric B & Rakim - Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em

05. Ultramagnetic MC's- A Chorus Line

06. M.C. Tatiana- Mission To Rock (Scratches done by Paul C!)

07. G. Dane - Coolest Of The Cool

08. Phase & Rhythm- Brainfood

09. Sport G & Mastermind- live

10. Marauder & The Fury- Get Loose Mother Goose

11. Two Shades Of Black- Surrender

12. Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud-Do The James

13. Main Source- Think

14. Queen Latifah & The 45 King- A King And Queen Creation

15. Stezo- Girl Trouble

16. Disco Twins & Star Child- There It Is

17. Grand Master Caz- Casanova's Rap

18. The Rangers- Jacks On Crack
19. Double Dose- Envious

20. Interlude
21. The Heartbeat Brothers- Bring In The Bassline

22. Mic Profesah- Cry For Freedom

23. Double Delight & DJ Slice Nice- Party Jump

24. Rappers On A Mission- S.O.L.O.

25. Princess Ivori- CrackPipe (changed it all)
26. Ultimate Choice- You Can't Front (We Will Rock you)

27. Live N Effect Posse- I'm Getting Physical

28. Outro

There might even be a bonus track or two