Tuesday, 30 June 2009

What If Dilla Produced The Blueprint...

Was put onto this courtesy of Truth, below is the press release shouts to Jimmy for doing this...it's a great listen and shows how dope Jay sounds over Dilla beats, still be great for Jay to get an unused beat, and go cop Jay Stay Paid, it's out NOW!
WHAT IF DILLA PRODUCED THE BLUEPRINT? A few years back, rumours started surfacing that one of Dilla's infamous beat CDs had made its way into the hands of none other than Jay-Z. If the Jiggaman HAD used any of Dilla's beats, what would they have sounded like? Well, here's a chance to hear what might have been. Using some of Dilla's best beats, and the vocals from the groundbreaking and critically acclaimed "Blueprint" album, DJ Jimmy Green has re-arranged the Blueprint into a glimpse of what might have been if these two musical legends had collaborated.

DOWNLOAD HERE : http://www.sendspace.com/file/pct1io

Make sure that you BUY Dilla's music legally (wax, cd or official download) - don't illegally download! Make sure that Ma Dukes gets her dues. You can get most of these instrumentals from official, legal channels - if you like them then don't download for free. Money needs to go where it's due. This is not intended to be a substitute for Dilla's work, or The Blueprint album - there's no profit involved and it won't affect sales of either artist. PS If you haven't got it already, go and buy the Blueprint, it's amazing.