Thursday, 14 May 2009

GLK @ Hare and Hounds TONIGHT

First off, Breakin Convention was amazing, big shouts to everyone who came out and made it such an incredible 2 days, proper post about it to follow but for now make sure your free tonight because... Gas Lamp Killer is at the Hare and Hounds tonight (I didn't mistype GFK although seeing Tony Starks would be amazing too!) and it's been along time since I've actually been excited about seeing someone DJ. Oh and it's not too late for a school night so no excuses!

Here's the blurb stolen from facebook...
That is right people...THE GASLAMP KILLER ( Los Angeles / Obey records / Brainfeeder / Money Studies / Alpha Pup ) is coming to Birmingham.

Do not miss your chance to see and hear what so many people have been talking about...

A caustic cloud creeps up from the cracks. The darkness chops tree trunks
to stumps and smothers soft sounds in the murderous mist. The bloodthirsty
form rises, wrapping its tendrils around the throats of pop-minded punks.
By dusting the dumb this murderer ushers in soaring sounds. The Gaslamp
Killer slashes to save.

First spotted stalking the streets of San Diego this serial sound slayer has
spread wide. Dues paid with sweat have paid off. From homemade crushed
beat mixtapes to glossy magazine pages the Gaslamp Killer has never altered
course. He brings the dirtiest and deepest dynamite into being with
dedication and discipline.

The Gaslamp Killer is a raw revolutionary who sets every moment on shatter.
A GLK dj set is an experience in the ultra-unexpected. Wrecking the decks
like Animal minus the soft Muppet facade, Gaslamp is a tornado of exploding
hair and energy. His shaking head is the cap on a volcano bursting with
passion for blasting. In these high heat moments he meshes international
mystery music with the grimiest beats in existence. Gaslamp's psychedelic
stew shines supreme in dim chambers with big bass.

The Gaslamp Killer master mixes have evolved into original music
collaborations with his posse MHE and frequent vocal collaborator Sumach.
Gaslamp's progressive heat seeking sounds are being sought by beat freaks
from every corner. His explosive energy keeps electrified ears eager for
more and more x more and more. The Gaslamp Killer's ruthless focus is on
high. This murderer continues breeding brightness by evaporating boring

In support:
Guy Carlos ( Gorillaz Soundsystem / It takes two ) BLXML ( Faux Real / Lovemist )

Thursday 14th May

The Hare and Hounds
kings Heath

9pm -1am