Saturday, 13 March 2010

Going Diggin?

Sparkii, Cuba and Madflow rockin live over the MPC1000 @ Home Cookin'
Sparkii on the MPC1000

Shouts to Feva, Sparkii, Flow, Pritt, Mushroom, Timber, Kewba and Home Cookin' for a great night last night, if you missed it you really did miss a treat with Sparkii playing some dope beats straight out of his 1000 with Kewba and Flow freestyling over the top. I'm off diggin for a bit so will miss the next two radio shows but I'll be back in e-f-f-e-c-t with more treats asap, I'll report back after my travels...

Seems a good time to post Oxygen's long awaited single with Gensu Dean, DJ Ragz and the Daily Diggers Kid Dynomite, out on a limited 7" real soon, you have been warned!