Tuesday, 16 February 2010

MI 15-02-2010

New shorter show and checking back my mic's abit low (probably a good thing!) Enjoy, I'll have Cappo and Endemic live in the studio next week.

Main Ingredient Radio Show
Mon Nights 1-2am New Style Radio,
98.7FM (West Midlands) / Sensei FM

Sci-Fi Stu - The Will 4 feat Vast Aire (Domination / AMG)
Reflection Eternal - It's Just Begun feat J Cole, J Electronica & Mos Def (Blacksmith)
Roc Marciano, Joe Blow & Marco Polo - FIRE! (Exclusive)
Lewis Parker feat John Robinson - The Unseen Trap (Project Mooncircle)
Sputnik Brown - Skye Blues (High Water)
Mystro - Aquarius (Don't Biznizz)
House Shoes - The Makings (Do Over)
Raekwon - 10 Bricks (Manhattan)
aSmash - Sorry (S-type Bandcamp)
Ty - Emotions feat Sarina Leah & Shaun Escoffrey (BBE)
Cappo - Psychological Warfare (Cappo Bandcamp)
$amhill - Agony Of Defeat (Exclusive)
Muhsinah - Always Smile (All City)
Bullion - Crazy Over You (One Handed Music)
Redbeard - Sick On My Jumpa Wizard Remix (Eat Good / Headspace)
Fliptrix feat Jehst - Get Involved (High Focus)
Whitefield Brothers - Gifted Oh No Remix (Now Again)