Thursday, 10 December 2009

Louis Den Beat Battle 08 TONIGHT Please note NEW VENUE!!!

TONIGHT! New Venue, New Venue, New Venue!

Louis Den's own BUDGE is reppin on the boards for this've heard the range from the screw face bangers to the smooth jam mack soundtracks, Budgie is a sick producer and sought after DJ...he's bound to impress!!

Hastings based producer and one half of the OSB'z Wiz is a LDBB vet reppin since homework #4 back in 2007!!, he's been waiting patiently to get on the bill and now its his know the beats, the boombap bounce to the chilled out headnodders and the endless free releases he churns out!...wiz is a total package and one of the hardest working beatmakers in the UK!

Sick production team originally from Leeds now based in london (and mostly just a 1 man operation). Ghosttown have credits for Foreign Beggars, Mystro, Guilty Simpson, Phat Kat and more...check the thread I posted earlier in this week for look into their new london based "squat" lab..expect sick beats!

Badboy producer (no not for know what I mean). Chemo's put the work in behind the boards for years now and has the credits to prove it JOE BUDDEN, KYZA, TRIPLE DARKNESS, VAKILL, SEAN PRICE (do we need to continue??!). Fresh out the Killamonjaro labs Chemo's out to bless the den with BANGERS!.

and on the mic we have Birminghams own JUICE ALEEM (big dada/shadowless) fresh off his release JERUSALAAM COME.

VERB T blessing us for the second (but 1st official time hopefully) after not being able to show for what was the second beat cypher (with S-TYPE, JAISU, DARREN PAUL & ROEG DU CASQ)..Verbs was unable to make it due to family commitments but he's back with a vengance to finally rep for the beat cypher!.

and finally SLEAZE DA DON aka Hermes Trismegistus from the south coast (originally West Bromwich) Sleaze is a dope emcee with a unique delivery and style...teaming up with Eat Good's SONNYJIM for a joint EP (coming soon on eatgood/greasy vinyl) sleaze is here i brum to show you what he's all about. Sleaze recently dropped his LP THEOLOVISION on his own imprint "GREASY VINYL" which features producers WIZARD, BEAT BUTCHA, GHOST, ENDEMIC and more!.

And of course it wouldnt be a Louis Den Beat Cypher without the usual selections from DJ CRO and our OPEN BEATS and BUCKS FIZZ BEAT BATTLES..(all den heads are encouraged to rep for this so please bring a beat CD, dont be shy..I dont want to have to struggle for entrants again!)

Reason for the promo train on this LDBC being a bit late was because we were venueless!!, after going back to the Sunflower Lounge to secure Decembers date I was told they have changed the music policy and werent too keen on the "Smoking" that went on outisde...not sure what the whole mess was down to im guessing (as the owner was there that night of beat cypher 07) they didnt like the fact we overran slightly and maybe our little "car beats" session outside, so umm yeah we are now at the BIRMINGHAM SOUND BAR which is a much sicker venue (but comes at a price) please smoker squad, go for a little wander before you do what you do, dont want to bait up this joint too! and doooo come out and support, plenty more overheads this time so we gotta keep this one going (bring a mate and tell them bring a mate, and tell em both to bring beats!!)