Thursday, 8 October 2009

Gryme Tyme!

So you love hip-hop? But you don't feel that it's quite the same as it used to be? Here's what you've been missing. The Freestyle Professors consists of Branesparker and Giff (previously Geo of Geo & Ricochet). The first thing that hits you is how raw the album is (this is a good thing) with sparse production and some dope flows. Production is mostly handled by Branesparker, the Freestyle Professors have also used the talents of DITC's Show(biz), Buckwild, Diamond D and Lord Finesse with Diamond's beat the best thing I can remember him doing since "The Great Diamond D", Shows contribution is a dope raw drum loop with not much else, but it stands out and makes me wish other rappers would chose this type of beat over his more recent sounding productions. Minnesota and 12 Finger Dans contributions are highlights too but it's Branesparkers own production that really shines here.

Theres a few guests and it's great to hear Stanley Grimes again (pka Page the Handgrenade) after wondering what happened to him after his appearance on Check Me Out Baby Pah from Finesse's amazing Crates To The Files (is the first 2lp pressing a boot or semi-legit?) Akbar appearing on two tracks was also a pleasant suprise.
Lyrical content is varied from battle raps to more conscious subject matter. I haven't listened to one album this much in years so that should be recommendation enough to go get a copy.


I was meant to do a post on the great Confuse A Few 12" (below next to the equally dope Vintage EP) and took that pic back in April so I've been slacking. This also contains the non album tracks "We Won't Stop" and "Grit Dat Grime" as well as the Confuse a Few", "We Won't Stop" and "Jump On It" instrumentals. Jump On It has the most heavily distorted bass line I've heard in years. If your interested in buying any of the Freestyle Professors material CLICK HERE, or visit them on myspace here.