Tuesday, 16 September 2008

MI Playlist 15-09-08, New Diamond D, Kam Live this Friday @ Funkbox & Heltah Skeltah Interview

went off on a bit of a mid 90's UK tangent last night, enjoy the show...

Main Ingredient 15-09-08

Download Here

DJ KO feat Phonte, Wordsworth, K.Hill & Masta Ace > Ladder of Success (Shammen Work)

Illa J feat Guilty Simpson > R U Listenin' (Delicious Vinyl)

Jake One feat Freeway & Brother ALi > The Truth (Rhymesayers)

Now On feat Buff 1 > The A (Spectre)

Skreintax feat Graziella > Breathe (Dented)

cOmplex & Ed Strong > Free DPM (White)

New Jack Hu$tle > Make Notes (All City)

House of Repz > U Gotta Love Us (Kings Link)

Ill Bill > Society Is Brainwashed (Uncle Howie Records)

Large Professor feat Killa Sha & Guardian Leap > Maica Living (Gold Dust)

The LOX > It's Like That (Diggiwaxx)

DJ Krush feat Tragedy > Real (Mo Wax)

Das EFX > North East South West Showbiz Remix (Mercury)

Lord Digga > Brand Nu Day (One Leg Up)

Guttersnypes > Who Fell (Liberty Grooves)

MCM > Powermoves (Ariola)

Icepick > Dungeon Funk (Ruf Beats)

Klashnekoff > Murda (Kemet)

Mr Fresh feat Chrome > Travelfox (Exclusive)

Styly Cee feat Cappo > The Test Match (Son)

Kashmere feat Severe & Baron Syn Back > Drunken Style (Receptor)

Skitz feat Roots Manuva > Where My Mind Is At (Ronin)

Billy Brimstone > Keep It Live (YNR)

P Brothers & Milano > Digital B-Boy (Heavy Bronx)

Leneko > Akedam (All City)

Heltah Skeltah > The Art Of Disrespekina
zation (Duck Down)

In other news Diamond D or D Squizzy to his mates has just signed to Babygrande, heres a new track D.I.A.M.O.N.D. for your listening pleasure produced by Nottz

Track removed cause it wouldn't stop playing!

DJ Kam is gracing us with his presence on Friday at Funkbox, one of my favourite dj's so well worth checking out, he also writes a great blog with plenty of dope audio, so once you've downloaded this weeks radio show head over there and get your read / download on too.

Plenty more Funkbox news to come in due course...

As a bonus heres a dope interview (posted with permission from Amalgam before anyone says ish!) with Heltah Skeltah as I'm really felling their new track (last track on the show)

AmalgamDigital.com: The album (D.I.R.T.) is coming out September 30th, what made you finally go in and create this album?

Sean Price: Time, nawmean. We did two albums, I did two solos. We solidified off of that. We didn’t wanna do Monkey Bars and Jesus Price Superstar again, I did my solos, Rock did Shell Shock. Some people do one because they’re partner is in jail or what ever, but we’re solidified now, it’s time.

AmalgamDigital.com: What is the process for making music, how do you stay inspired and creative?

Sean Price: You know, we go through beats, listen to everything, I hear ‘em. Maybe I like one and Rock don’t like it, or Rock like one and I don’t like it. We have to agree and get busy to them, nawmean?

AmalgamDigital.com: How have y’all progressed from the Nocturnal to Magnum Force now to D.I.R.T.?

Sean Price: How have we progressed? People are cornier now, that’s how. It ain’t no… I’ve seen rappers progressively get wacker which helps us get better.

AmalgamDigital.com: What’s the affiliation with the Loudmouf Choir? Is that them on the ‘Everything is Heltah Skeltah’ single?

Sean Price: Definitely. I am a member of the Loudmouf Choir, it was started by Tommy Tee u know. Tommy Tee said he had this group, with Phil, Opeg, Pops and them. I heard some, and he asked me do you wanna do a joint? I said ‘Do I wanna do a joint?! I wanna be down!’

Yo they got an album about to drop, I’m on like 4 to 5 songs. I’m the Loudmouf Lifter! Everybody got an L name, I’m the Loudmouf Lifter. I fucks with them ‘cause they talented and got that berserkness, I like that.

AmalgamDigital.com: What is the album cover a homage to? It looks like an old Blowfly cover.

Sean Price: What? Blowfly?! Naw. That’s Blankman and Blackman – That’s us, we are DIRT. Those are our characters that represent the dirt. Redman did it with Dare Iz A Darkside with his head out the dirt and shit. But we didn’t just want to do that so we thought of this. This is Da Incredible Rap Team! We Super Heroes, naw, we Super Villians!

AmalgamDigital.com: Brownsville is known for having the most thoro cats living; from y’all to Mike Tyson to Masta Ace to M.O.P. Why do you think Brownsville seems to breed that, and do you see that in the younger generations?

Sean Price: Brownsville is a tough neighborhood, a tough area. No place else like it, there’s like twenty something projects in the area and we got legends going back to Muhammad (Ali Shaheed) to Zab (Judah). Um, them niggas who did the Inspectah Gadget song, they from here… Masta Ace, M.O.P., Smooth Da Hustla and Trigga The Gambler, Papoose. Papoose from Bed-Stuy, but he be in Brownsville all the time, we just breed that talent… AND I get along with all of them niggas! Me and Rock.

Rock: Why we so thoro? ‘Cause when you go outside, soon as you step outside you gotta fight a nigga. When you taking out the garbage or what ever, it’s like jail. It’s like jail, your parents are like your warden, they tell you when to eat, when to shit, when to shower, playtime…

From the time you’re alive to the time you can cross the street on your own you got your parents on you. Then you gotta deal with mothafuka’s that it’s rec time for them! You got no elbow space, no breathing room, so of course your gonna be fighting all the time trying to get room.

AmalgamDigital.com: Sean, I heard about the Party Bus listening party for Jesus Price Superstar, what did you do for the DIRT LP?

Sean Price: Naw, none of that shit, we just gonna chill, I don’t think we doing that again. We did it, invited them, gave them a copy (of the album). They leaked that shit anyway! Now, you gotta come and listen to it, no more copies, we ain’t giving out no more copies, we don’t trust nobody.

AmalgamDigital.com: Rock where did that infamous scar on your face come from?

Rock: Damn the first question for me you asking a nigga all that?! Well. (I was) 16, in a fight, whoopin’ on some old ass man, over whatever. You know the old heads like to teach kids a lesson, they ain’t just gonna let you go. Some where along the line I got cut, I don’t even know, you know? I didn’t know I was hit until I was fixing a flat tire, saw I was hit.

I was young, I said “Fuck Stitches!” I let it heal. Wasn’t no big deal, besides the bitches love it.

AmalgamDigital.com: Rock any update on that attempted murder charge, how are they panning out? You gonna stay free?

Rock: The case is still pending, I’m out there maintaining my innocence, going back and forth to court, but it is looking favorable, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Long story short, we got it under control, if they do they job that they’re supposed to do, they will find that I’m innocent. Unless they throw a conspiracy at me, but we got it under control, I’m innocent.

AmalgamDigital.com: What’s next for Da Incredible Rap Team?

Rock: You can look forward to more Heltah Skeltah and more solo joints. We got Monster Music and Mic Tyson, yeah. I got my Shell Shock DVD coming, that’s my next project. Sean P is currently working on Random Axe, that’s next.

Sean Price: And also the joint with Bill, The Pill with iLL Bill,

AmalgamDigital.com: So you gonna be working with O.G.C. or Da Beatminerz?

Rock: Yeah, with O.G.C. and Da Beatminerz. I just spoke with Starang, those my niggas, we work. I call them, they show up, nawmean? There ain’t gonna be no Fab 5 album or anything, but we working together, on Boot Camp albums, we work.

AmalgamDigital.com: Any last words?

Rock: Get Them Albums!

Have a great week