Tuesday, 5 February 2008

MI Download & Playlist 04-02-08

Def Tex smashed it at Jibbering Live, go see them if you get the chance and great to meet Suspekt after years of listening to their records. Zshare and sharebee seem to be having problems so I've upped the show just to rapidshare this week, any problems downloading let me know. Comments / requests appreciated as always and to clear up the Mobb Deep track from last week (Scam) it's not new, props to Canns for putting me onto it.



Download Here

Main Ingredient Playlist Playlist 04-02-08

Jean Grae & 9th Wonder > # 8 (White)

Sadax X > 90 Days (Exclusive)

Mystro & Blufoot > Open Mic (Camshot)

Mr Complex > Scream & Shout Remix (Oriental Source)

Doujah Raze > Win, Lose or Draw (Trilogy Records)

Al Tariq > Crime Pays (Correct)

Thrust > Emcee (Blueprint)

Eric B & Rakim > In The Ghetto (MCA)

Zeph & Azeem > Come One Come All Marley Marl Remix feat Craig G (OM)

Redman > Blow Your Mind Remix (RAL)

Guttersnypes > Flatline (Liberty Groove)

A.G. > Who Dat Maze Remix (Exclusive)

Dynas > Figure It Out (Exclusive)

DPF > Rumours (Son)

Big John, RA The Rugged Man & Kool G Rap > 3 Kings (Exclusive)

Kid Capri > Lords Party (Cold Chillin)

Soundmakers > NUT Remix (Exclusive)

Chrome > Flow Man (Exclusive)

Souls Of Mischief > 93 Til Infinity (Jive)

Main Source > Fakin The Funk (Wild Pitch)

Sir Smurf Lil > All In The Brain (Saving Grace)

Kurious > Catch My Drift (Crate Escape Records)

Chill Rob G > Let The Words Flow (Wild Pitch)

Unique > Die Hard (DWG)

Ultramagnetic MC's > Poppa Large Daily Diggers Remix (Exclusive)

El Chavo > The Heat (Jakarta)

Big Daddy Kane > Stop Shammin (Cold Chillin)

Revilo feat Basion > Pushin The Pen (Coma Beat)

Termanology > The Music Industry Remix (White)

Soul Kid Klik > Spark Da Mic (Soul Kid Records)

Master Ace Inc > Jeep Ass Niguh (Delicious Vinyl)

Ghostface > Daytona 500 (Epic)