Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Main Ingredient Download 21-01-08 and other stuff

shout to Alex who won the DJ Krush competition last week, nowt to give away this week besides the show download which is below, managed to slip in a few of my '07 favourites I forgot about. Thanks to all who came out to Funkbox on Friday too, next ones going to be a bit special but I'll write more about it closer to the time. Finishing off my best of '07 list so that should be up this week (quite a big list too which is both suprising and good, Nas obviously isn't looking in the right placesor listening to my show! Top 20 updated on the right too.

Check out the Paddy Shop in my links for some great downloads and pictures / articles and if you haven't bookmarked the Unkut, Daily Diggers or Phil Most the Soulmans blog I advise you check them out now, they're what the internet was made for although some of you will disagree and say it was made for porn, in which case check out Freaky Fridays on the Fatlace blog! (gotta keep it hip-hop related) They write about hip hop stuff too and get lots of flack for being honest about wack rappers and have a sense of humour, so full props to them!

Been a great start to the year for vinyl with the Unique EP coming out on Diggers With Gratitude (One's on ebay if you missed out on that gem...my write up to follow). Vinyl Addicts announced their first release which is Lord Finesse's demos...again only 200 copies, not sure how many are left but be quick, the snippets sound incredible. Support the vinyl!

Comments appreciated as always

Have a good week


Main Ingredient Playlist 21-01-08
98.7FM (West Midlands)
www.newstyleradio.co.uk (for live streaming)

DOWNLOAD LINK http://sharebee.com/d509e527

Styles P feat AZ > The Hardest
Show & AG > The World is Listening
P Brothers feat Boss Money > New Religion (Heavy Bronx)
Sputnik Brown > Spit Life (Exclusive)
Unique > Don't Even Think About It (DWG)
Freestyle Professors > Hear What I Hear (Freestyle Professors)
Zeph & Azeem > Come One Come All Marley Marl Remix (OM)
Cormega feat Dwele > Sleep Well (Spectre)
Pete Rock > Til I Retire (Nature Sounds)
Kardinal Offishall > On Wid Da Show (Knee Deep)
Marco Polo > The Radar Remix (Rawkus)
Vast Aire > Tippin Dominoes (Boiling Point)
Finsta Bundy > Spirit Boogie (FB)
Statik Selektah > Express Yourself (Show Off)
Asaviour > Lust Letters Apa-Tight Remix (Play 2 Win)
L Swift > Live The Life (Fortress)
Mobb Deep > God pt.3 (Loud)
Supastition > Worst Enemy (Domination)
Edan > Sagitarius Rapp (Stones Throw)
RA The Rugged Man & Sadat X > 50,000 Heads (White)
Lord Finesse > Real Talk Lark Chillout Remix (Handcuts)
Busta Rhymes > Enjoy Da Ride (Elektra)
Aim feat QNC > Before... (ATIC)
GZA > Labels Wu Remix (White)
Milano > Show 'Em (Beatdown)
J-Biz > Ninetyfive (Worldwyde)
Tragedy, Mobb Deep & CNN > LA, LA (Dolo)
Pharoahe Monch > What It Is (SRC)
Bumpy Knuckles > My Thoughts (White)